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Thread: Should Dozier stay up?

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    With the hype being given to Bruno's ability to see problems in swings, it wouldn't hurt to send him down to get a little more seasoning, after all, his success at the plate is only recently developed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USAFChief View Post
    I'm having a hard time trying to understand what benefit would currently come from sending Dozier back to AAA.

    Let the kid play.
    The benefit would be that perhaps he was promoted too quickly. I was listening to an interview on 1500am the other day with Roy Smalley, and he likes the idea of letting players move up 1 level at a time. Prove to yourself (and everyone else) that you belong in high-A, then in AA, then in AAA. Then, when you're cruising in AAA, there should be no doubts to anyone (including yourself) that you belong in the show. I thought that idea had merit; hence my musings. I don't think that needs to always be adhered to rigorously; there will always be exceptions that demand to be made. That said, though, Dozier spent very little time in AAA, and his numbers (both batting and fielding) were OK but not great; perhaps he was promoted too quickly, because of lack of depth in the MLB roster.

    That said, now that he's here, I'm leaning to keeping him up myself, for the reasons many here have mentioned. I just thought it was a legitimate question for discussion.
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    Possible benefits to sending Dozier down: stepping off the train for a few weeks could give him a chance to catch up mentally, which might help him at the plate and in the field; might ensure that he's not a Super-2 after 2014. To replace him, they could put Florimon on the bench and have Casilla play every day for a few weeks, or they could give Burroughs another shot starting only against RHPs (.881 OPS at AAA). Plouffe has pretty extreme platoon splits right now - I'd love to see him even it out, but it looks more likely that he needs to be a guy who only starts vs. LHPs. If splitting time with Burroughs works, I'm not worried about 3B for the next couple years. Having said that, I don't think there's any urgency to make a move with the IF for the next little while.

    By the way, in fairness to Nishioka, check out his monthly splits. Nothing wonderful yet (and small sample sizes all), but they're definitely trending in the right direction, as though he might be acclimating to the level. He's going to get paid $3M next season no matter where he plays, so it'd be nice for him to get to the point where the Twins could make him the bench MI and spot him in the #9 hole once or twice a week.

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    I think Dozier has done a pretty good job of not being overwhelmed at the plate. He should be overwhelmed. He's shot through the system and basically skipped AAA. Parmelee needed to go back. Dozier's here to stay, and I'll wager confidently that his stats improve this year.

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