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Thread: What happened with Mitch Brown?

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    What happened with Mitch Brown?

    Not only did every other team change their mind, but even the twins picked 4 guys with lower predraft ratings in front of him.

    I did read in his last start he had some control issues and gave up some runs with Ryan in attendance, but you can't tell me his draft value dropped by almost double from one bad outing.

    Was this just a case of inflated draft value that every team saw through, or did something go wrong for Mitch Brown?
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    From what i am seeing, and from what I had been saying, it was probably his value was inflated more than it was.

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    I'd like to say signability, but his scholarship is to the University of San Diego, the Division II school that Tim Shibuya pitched at. Great school, I'm sure, but can't be about the money, I wouldn't think.

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