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Thread: Manager Decisions

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    Manager Decisions

    Gardy hit the jackpot with the double switch in the bottom of the tenth inning. Plouffe got to swing in the eleventh and hit the game-winning homer.

    Earlier in the game, I thought Gardenhire made two questionable decisions. Neither cost any runs that I am aware of, but I think players were wasted when there was no need to waste them. Komatsu was used as a pinch-runner in relief of Doumit, and he was one base behind Butera. I thought Gardy should have used a pitcher (Walters maybe) and saved a position player. Secondly, Gardenhire used his last catcher (Mauer) in the top of the eighth. I thought that was an unnecessary risk, especially with the team already up two runs. Mauer GDPed. I thought he should have been saved for a game situation, especially since the Twins had already used their other catcher options.

    Yesterday, there was debate as to whether Diamond should have hit in the sixth. I had zero problem with that, but I thought neither decision today by Gardenhire was wise.

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    That's why the National League game is so much more thought-provoking. Managers can have some affect on the game through their decisions. In the AL, put in the lineup and see what happens. The NL is so much more of a thinkers game to watch. Right now, the AL is tons better than the NL... but it is a different game.

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    I have no problem with the pinch runner but would have saved Mauer.

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    I thought the same, too...you burn yesterday's starter as a pinch runner and tell them to be careful out there...especially when behind...Butera.

    The Diamond decision was a tough one the game before. You don't know you are going to have a long inning and you want to get that deep start out of the starter (of late). ut you do have the capabilities of having Swarzak, Duensing or Liriano pitching two innings.

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