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Thread: What do they take us for?

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    What do they take us for?

    I've been a Twins fan a long time. Never have I felt they were taking fans like me for granted...until now. They're not even trying. 13 pitchers. A lineup filled with AAA trash that wouldn't scare a high school pitcher. They expect fans to pay major league prices for a team that sends up Alexi Freaking Casilla as a pinch hitter in the 8th inning down one? That sends up Mastrionni and Jamie Carroll in the 9th because the only bench option is Drew Butera?

    When management/ownership starts treating me like a major league fan, I'll consider spending major league money again. They don't deserve to have a single fan show up at TF. This is ridiculous. Losing is one thing. This is not a major league product.

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    You got that right!

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    I know its frustrating this year. Its obvious there is accountability issues from top to bottom with this team. At the beginning of this season it looked like we had a very solid team offensively, and a half-descent pitching staff. Well this didnt turn out like expected. The thing that frustrates me is everyone from the homer Twins announcers down to the team are buttering things up so much. People are so afraid to talk anything negative about this team it makes us fans feel like we are a bunch of idiots.

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