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Thread: Offer Willingham and Correia to the M's ?

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    Offer Willingham and Correia to the M's ?

    The Seattle Mariners seemed poised to challenge the L.A. Angels for the 4th seeding in the American League playoffs this year. As the #1 AL Wild Card.

    They could use a bat with some thunder to help their lineup along. This has been known since lefy Robby Cano signed his mega-deal there in the off-season.

    They seem more than capable in the Infield with Seager at 3B, Cano at 2B , and a platoon of Logan Morrison and Corey Hart at 1B ....with SS's rotating between Brad Miller and Nick Franklin. Willie Bloomquist is their UTL infielder.

    Their OF, which needs a boost in a rather big way, would be able to slot the Hammer in LF Immediately; flanking him would be James Jones in CF and Michael Saunders in RF. The M's are really looking for stability in CF......But with no real options out there, They'd be more than happy to Bring In Dustin Ackley off the bench as he's probably more suited for this type of role anyway.

    Their rotation features a somewhat untested rookie Ronias Elias, the lefty. As Well as Chris Young the towering, but old Right-hander that can't be counted on for much longer IMO.

    I think with Correia on board, they could go with the King, Iwakuma, Ty Walker, R. Elias/ J. Paxton and Correia in the 5th spot down the stretch.
    Correia has pitched pretty well over the last month or two and should actually have marginal value right now.

    Also ESPN is reporting M's want a RH Bat. But also don't want to give up too much.

    Theres no way the Twins could bring back the following:

    #1 prospect Taijuan Walker RHP
    #2 prospect Alex Jackson OF
    #3 prospect James Paxton LHP
    #4 prospect DJ Peterson 3B (could be #1 prospect, depending on who you talk to)

    but maybe one of the following could be had, AAA SS Chris Taylor (22)
    or Single A Righty Luis Gohara (17), both with huge and promising upsides.
    Position players Nick Franklin, Stefan Romero, and Julio Morban both currently on their 40 man roster might be in the conversation as well. Franklin is a former top prospect who so far, hasn't done much in Safeco Field.
    -2 for 1's with the (one) being a prospect are probably rare rare trades, but for Taylor i'd be extatic.

    IF the bolded red names above are too rich for their blood they have another young SS Ketel Marte and OF'er Austin Wilson who they'd probably be more willing to part with. Neither player is near Chris Taylor but i'd be ok/ happy with both.
    It might be near impossible to pry Taylor away at this point, as hes only hit .320 in the PCL so far here in 2014, we may be too late on him.
    If it would take Kris Johnson or some other youthful pitcher (Wheeler, Darnell) instead of Corriea to get him I'd Go all in.

    Sometimes, as the Cubbies proved the other day, trading in early July rather than Late July only enhances you're value a bit here or there, also It allows US (the Twins) to be the negiotators of a deal instead of waiting for The M's to make a move with somebody else, THUS , limiting our options of who actually wants Willingham's services. (royals?)

    Win Twins!
    Top Twins prospects ? 1.Byron Buxton (OF-A+)
    2.Miguel Sano (3B-AA) 3.Alex Meyer (SP-AA) 4. Kohl Stewart (SP-RK) 5. Nick Gordon (SS-RK) 6. J.O. Berrios (P-A) 7. Josmil Pinto (C-AAA) 8. Eddie Rosario (2B-AA) 9. L. Thorpe (SP-RK) 10. Travis Harrison (3B-A) 11.Kennys Vargas (1B-A+) 12. Trevor May (SP-AA) 13. Jorge Polanco (2B-A) 14. Max Kepler (OF-A) 15. Miguel Sulbaran (SP-A) Just Missed:P Zach Jones, SS Aderlin Mejia, P Stephen Gonsalves, C Stuart Turner.

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    The Soriano situation might need to resolve before Willingham moves.

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    Here's their top 20, according to Sickles. Another team that matches up quite well with our farm system needs. Jackson was just drafted, so I'm not sure he'd be an option. Agreed that Walker and Paxton would be off the table. Peterson is raking in A+ ball and would add a second high upside 3B to our mix. He's low enough that he might be on the table, but I'm guessing not. I'd target Austin Wilson, Luiz Gohara, or Tyler Marlette here. Jin-man Choi is another intriguing guy who might be available. He's more of a 1B type, but has some catching and OF experience and could function as that 3rd catcher to keep Gardy at bay should the Twins decide Pinto needs to be in the line up more.

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    Actually, seems like a light return. Taylor is putting up nice numbers in the PCL but that's an offensive dream league. Most people still think he's a UI, not a starter. Hopefully, the Twins can get some kind of bidding war going for Hammer, who might be the best RH power bat available and he has always had really good OBP. Gohara seems to have some conditioning issues which is usually a big red flag to the Twins. I'd be pretty surprised if they traded Hammer for an out of shape 17 year old kid.

    It's been a while since a legit slugger was traded at the deadline. Beltran and Pence in 2011 but Hammer's not going to get quite that kind of return by himself (although the Mets did a nice job of getting a bidding war going to get Wheeler). Maybe Victorino type deal? One backend top 100 guy and a couple other promising prospects thrown in.

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    We could probably include a reliever too. I imagine Seattle could use another one with out going over their roster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post
    We could probably include a reliever too. I imagine Seattle could use another one with out going over their roster.
    Maybe a lefthander?

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    I'd think Seattle or Oakland would be good landing spots for Willingham. Seattle has some interesting pieces and the trade could contain more prospects with the M's than the A's (Correia probably isn't needed in Oakland...) Ideally the Twins could get the two to bid against eachother...

    At the end of the day, if the Twins can turn some expiring assets into future pieces. I'll be happy.

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