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Thread: No one wants to be next year's Kendrys Morales (or Drew)

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    No one wants to be this year's Morales, either. At least not as he has performed so far. The guy turned down 14.1 million this year. He clearly thinks he is worth more than he is. And it is becoming painfully apparent that the Twins thought he was worth more than he is, too. Maybe things will change. But I doubt it. Even if he ends the season with a .270 average, he is overpaid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PseudoSABR View Post
    Indeed, we might see fewer top-tier free agents next year as a result of what happened to Drew, Morales, and Cruz
    You probably didn't mean this the way I interpreted, but what do Drew, Morales and Cruz have to do with "top-tier" free agents? By that I mean, those guys don't fall into that category at all.

    Cano smartly turned down the QO. He's a top tier free agent. You wouldn't lump him in the same category with those players...or shouldn't. Top tier guys are not the guys who are having the issues. Those guys get paid no matter what, they're highly sought after. They "deserve" way more term/dollars than the QO provides and they are nearly guaranteed to get that.

    When I look at Drew, Morales and Cruz...in my opinion they aren't worth 12-15M per at all. One year, 3 years...doesn't matter. I would never want the Twins to pay that much per year on any one of those guys. You can argue that you could overpay on a one year deal and it wouldn't really hurt a team because it's just one year. I'd agree with that, but those players still aren't 12-15M per guys in my opinion and I'd call them overpaid if they got that much.

    The QO really hurts the middle tier guys who think they are better than they actually are, which all those three guys listed are. That's who is hurting the most. The fact that those three turned it down was completely amazing to me and what happened to them was 100% expected, at least I expected it.

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