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and still have my 26" bike for rides with my kids.
Probably sums it up. I'll go with a 29er, which will coincide with one of the bike shops' advice but not the LBS in my town, as it happens. Your advice lines up with much that I have read.

My wife tried to get me into touring bikes before we married, and I gave it a go (owned some model of Trek back when they were new and cool) but it never really "took". My interest now is in exploring trails or roads around Tahoe that my hiking range limits me from doing fully and getting to the points of interest in one day. I just turned 60 so I'm not ever going to be as hardcore as you were in this hobby, and it won't be all consuming because I have to get back for Game Threads.

The bike I get might still wind up being as expensive as one of my cars, but that's because I drive beaters.