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Thread: New MN Sports Website

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    Post New MN Sports Website

    SportsfriendsMN is a new sports website with a friendly perspective. Focusing on whatever is relevant at the time in sports and Minnesota. Check it out at www.sportsfriendsMN.com , and follow us on twitter @sportsfriendsMN

    Any suggestions as to what else people would like to see?

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    Welcome to the blogging community.

    By all means, if you have a post that you think our community would enjoy, post it here. I think you're much more likely to get feedback on a specific topic than just a general "look at my blog" post. And maybe even better response if you only do so with a post that you're especially proud of.

    I'd also encourage you, if you have a post you really like, to consider double-posting it on your blog here at TwinsDaily. If it's really good, we'll promote it to the front page, including any links back to your site that you include in the story. Thousands of people will see it on the front page and it might really help people find/bookmark your blog. You can find your blog here by clicking on "Blogs" and then "My Blog".

    We want people to find you. And we want to serve our readers by helping them find great Twins content. Keep it up, and welcome.

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