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Thread: Article: Twins Minor League Report (6/23): Berrios, Roberts Lead Miracle

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    Don't you think this has all been debated among the field staff? It could be something as simple as Berrios and his current pitching coach working on something. Why the angst about this on June 24th? It's not like he's incapable of getting better there.

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    Berrios is a stud pitcher - great to see his hitting is coming along too

    Twins Daily Minor League Pitcher of the Day – Nate Roberts, Fort Myers
    Twins Daily Minor League Hitter of the Day – Jose Berrios, Fort Myers

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    Always good to see a Nate Roberts sighting. Chronologically he's WAY too old for Ft Myers but he hasn't really played much since 2012.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Christie View Post
    Love the picture of Berrios with this article. Pretty epic.
    Its his Google+ profile picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Nygaard View Post
    While I get the concern of Law's of being an "extreme fly ball" guy, I do think that works out ok at Target Field.
    Not to mention that the preference of groundballs vs flyballs is not universally in favor of groundballs, Bill James being one who believes flyballs are preferable.

    A fan who thinks the Twins projected future infield's defense looks sketchy would be another

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    Good to see Nate Roberts back! He's always one of my favorite guys to follow when he's playing. Wish there was something they could pin down for the reasons he's always been hurt. He's definitely not afraid of getting plunked by pitches, which some might cite, but I'm pretty sure all his injuries have been various leg-ailments. I think he could have been on the verge of helping the Twins by now if he had been reasonably healthy thus far (never thought he needed to repeat the MWL, even with injuries). Love his game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivlikejehu View Post
    Pedro threw mid-90s when he was young. Injuries sapped his velocity, I believe shortly before Pitch f/x was introduced.

    Target Field is good for flyball pitchers, but based on his current rates Berrios would project to be among the most extreme flyball pitchers in MLB (hitters put more balls in the air as the levels advance).

    That's partly why it's strange Berrios hasn't been promoted - is it really a good thing for Berrios, who is completely dominant right now, to be shielded from his main weakness? He basically doesn't have to worry about allowing home runs there. Obviously a different kind of pitcher, but look at Baxendale - flyball pitcher dominates FSL and then is blown up in the EL.

    I think Berrios would be fine overall in AA, but he would be punished for bad pitches much more frequently. He's too good for the FSL and keeping him there makes no sense.
    Is this as simple as a "first things first", let's let him focus on one priority at a time, thing? Meaning, perhaps he moves up soon right after a start for the home fans in the Futures Game....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy Nygaard View Post
    While I get the concern of Law's of being an "extreme fly ball" guy, I do think that works out ok at Target Field.

    I would like to make the Berrios/Pedro comparisons, but Pedro was pretty close to 1:1 GO/FO. Pedro's fastball was only around 90 (which came as a surprise to me) according to Fangraphs.
    Law was a bit quick to dismiss him because of his home ball park in A+ ball. The ball park doesn't create a 4.67 k/bb ratio and his splits are identical. Not to mention Berrios is only 20. Seems like a reach on Law's part, but it's just one man's opinion.

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