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Thread: Luis Perdomo

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    Luis Perdomo

    Luis Perdomo
    D.o.B: 4/27/1984
    Position: Right Handed Relief Pitcher
    Vitals: 6'0", 170 lbs
    Current Team: New Britain Rock Cats
    Acquired: Signed as Minor Legue Free Agent (November 2011)
    Key Stats: 36 Major League Appearances (2009-2010 w/Padres); 1.62 BB/K Ratio; 1.508 WHIP; .3 Leverage Index (i.e. not a big situation pitcher)
    7th Minor League Season; 2.09 BB/K Ratio; 1.301 WHIP (Worst numbers are in AAA, as are most IP...not a great sign)

    In addition to these fundamental details, feel free to read more about how we see Luis Perdomo relating to Terry Ryan's long term plans and Chuck Norris style roundhouse kicks at our blog on blogspot and elsewhere on Twins Daily.
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in the past two weeks: 4 App. 4.1 Innings, 3 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 1 SV.

    So far this season: 2.57 ERA, 8.9 K/9, 2.5 K/BB Ratio, 1.143 WHIP

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 1.8 Inches Grown, 5 Batters Intimidated, 12 Children Scared, 9 Cheese Its trapped inside.

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#Al Pacinio-circa Serpico, #29 Luis Perdomo's, #30 Rutherford B Hayes'...
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in the past two weeks: 5 App. 4 Innings, 4 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, 6 K, 1 L.

    So far this season: 2.52 ERA, 9.4 K/9, 2.36 K/BB Ratio, 1.240 WHIP

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 2.2 Inches Grown, 2 Umpires Hypnotized, 6 oz of styling gel used for "Ladies Night", 4 Cheese Its found.

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#25 Fidel Castro, #26 Luis Perdomo's, #27 Johan Strauss...
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in the past two weeks: 5 App. 6.33 Innings, 3 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 7 K, 1 L, 1 SV

    So far this season: 2.59 ERA, 9.5 K/9, 2.36 K/BB Ratio, 1.181 WHIP

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: .7 Inches Lost (single past his face resulted in unintentional shaving), 3 Bullpen Catchers distracted, 18 irritating comparisons to James Harden made by teammates, 2 Cheese Its accidentally consumed while sleeping.

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#29 Aristotle's, #30 Luis Perdomo's, #31 Philosophy Professor Ed Langerak...

    (For a full break down of James Harden's Beard V. Luis Perdomo's check out our blog on the subject: here)
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    Rampant speculation suggests that Luis Perdomo's beard provided much needed sustenance as Luis Perdomo pitched 5 innings, giving up only one hit and one run while striking out 6 for a win in Richmond. The length of Perdomo's outing (a season high and duration unmatched since 2010 in Portland, OR) prompted beard watchers to examine the situation. It seems likely that the beard shifted during Perdomo's follow through to feed him various foodstuffs trapped inside of it, and provide the calories necessary to pitch for an extended period.

    It is unclear whether such mid-game munching violates Eastern League Rules, however the precedent set by David Wells eating and drinking in the majors suggests both beard and pitcher should be commended.

    Read report of the game here
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    Please ban me! All-Star stringer bell's Avatar
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    Perdomo promoted to Rochester and picked up his first win in AAA last night with 2.2 innings of scoreless relief.

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    Thank You Stringer Bell, I was a day late in posting the news of his joyous elevation to AAA (where Perdomo's not alone in his scruffiness), however belated we should all rejoice that his neck warmer looks even better in Rochester red.
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Don't forget to check out our blog on Luis Perdomo's promotion here.

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in the past two weeks
    AA Totals (Season so far): 26 App., 39.33 Innings, 2.75 ERA, 1.093 WHIP, 9.8 K/9, 2.69 K/BB Ratio, .191 Opp BA

    AAA Totals: 2 App. 3.33 Innings, 2.70 ERA, 5.4 K/9, 0 BB, .900 WHIP

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 0 inches grown/lost (shock of promotion removed growth), 5 New Britain hearts broken, 2 Rochester hearts ensorcelled, 3 new kinds of Cheese Its consumed (Buffalo Chicken, Monteray Jack and 4 Cheese mix--AAA post game spreads much improved).

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#23 Andre 3000's, #24 Luis Perdomo's, #25 post-Finals James Harden
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in Rochester the past two weeks
    6 App. 8.66 Innings, 1 ER, 11 K, 5 SV
    Minor League totals: 51.33 Innings, 1.38 Ground Outs/Fly Outs, 16 BB/56 K .177 Opp BA

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 2.4 inches grown, 3 Teammates inspired, 1 Bobble Beard patent pending, 8 Cheez-Its consumed during the most intensive work load of the season, overall GORP (Grizzle over Replacement Player) 17.76.

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#19 Jack Sparrow's, #20 Luis Perdomo's, #21 Andy Samberg/Justin Timberlake
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    Anthony Swarzak went on the 15 day DL with a rotator cuff strain, and Carl Pavano moved to the 60 Day DL to make room for our beloved Adopt-A-Prospect. For those who don't know: Luis Perdomo is a relief pitcher who spent a brief while with the San Diego Padres and a briefer time with the New Britain Rock Cats, and the briefest time yet with Rochester. But more to the point Luis Perdomo is a man with a beard, and not just any beard, a beard that bests the scruffiest climbers of Mount Everest, a beard that the Visagoth's themselves envy, a beard that has prepared him to enter the long line of Jeff Reardon and Rick Aguilera as a Neckwarmer Nightmare Reliever!

    AND! It's possible that he may end up better known in the Twin Cities than the Jazz pianist who shares his name:

    ALL HAIL LUIS PERDOMO! (Specifically the pitcher, but also the pianist, but mostly the pitcher!!)
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    This is truly a great day for Beardom! Good Luck Luis Perdomo the Baseball player and no luck is needed for Luis Perdomo the pianist - he seems to be doing just fine without any luck. PFH... you are the man!

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    Well, that debut could definitely have gone better.

    After posting a .949 WHIP between AA & AAA (only .661 in AAA) Luis Perdomo gave up 1 hit, 3 walks and a Swagalicious Error to 7 batters last night, his first night as an honest to goodness Minnesota Twin. He was wild (19 balls to just 11 strikes) and gave up 2 (unearned) runs before leaving the bases loaded in low leverage situation.

    There is one natural thing to blame this on: THE SOUL PATCH!!

    LUIS, your beard is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold, I'm sure that Terry Ryan asked you to shave it for some voodoo ritual to increase the prowess of Misters Deduno, Fine et. al. But now it is on you to either get in on the juju, or grow it back! I grant that your soul patch is more stylish than 90% of the other Twins facial hair, but it cannot compare with the full-on muzzle. So rub in some chia pet seeds and water regularly, so we can get back to the business of kicking butt and taking names.

    Love your adopted blogger's,
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in the past two weeks (AAA): 3 App. 5.66 Innings
    Minor league totals this season: 2.14 ERA, 9.3 K/9, 3.39 K/BB Ratio, .949 WHIP

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 4 Inches Lost (for bullpen beard equality), 1 voodoo spell cast, 15 conversations between bloggers started, 14 conversations ended with the arrival of the soul patch.

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#19 Jack Sparrow's, #20 Luis Perdomo's, #21 This guy from the Solomon Islands
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    After ten days I'm back from Montana. And I'm happy to report that Luis Perdomo's cup of coffee with the Minnesota Twins has turned into something rapidly approaching a real date! Sure, the Twins might just have called him up out of desperation, a need to have SOMEONE with them, and a desire to feel attractive again (even only for a moment). But Perdomo could easily have screwed the pooch and gotten kicked to the curb with another disastrous outing, or by calling Terry Ryan fat or something.

    Instead, Perdomo has been appreciated if still underwhelming; the ultimate low-leverage situation pitcher who comes in with the game's outcome not remotely in doubt, can be trusted to do a middling job, and will totally take you to the brake shop if you need to pick up your car.

    (The Key stats: in 14 days, he's made 3 appearances going 4.66 Innings, 4 hits allowed (2 Doubles), 2 inherited runners (both of whom scored) and a Strike to Ball ratio of 45:34--that's about 9 strikes per 7 balls...)

    Meanwhile Luis Perdomo's beard may yet be given the coveted position of "facial hair of the year" for the Twins' franchise. The potential of his chin scruff is clear, and the Twins front office is all twitterpated in the hopes that the beard may yet infect the rest of Perdomo's body and create a super reliever (one who's more than just a safety date).
    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 3.8 Inches regained (thank you chia seeds!), 4 attempts to battle the Green Monster, 6 Perogi/Clam Chowder flavored CheezIts lost in the tangle of hair, 1 Drew Butera Inspired.

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#19 George Carlin's, #20 Luis Perdomo's, #21 Jack Sparrow's.
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    It is a time for sad peanuts and sad Perdomo's as Luis Perdomo's beard (and the pitcher himself) were sent back down to Rochester. Unfortunately it seems that the Twins continue to value talent on the ball field over beautiful facial hair (FOOLISH!). Still, given the rarity of Perdomo's appearances it may be best for him to rejoin the Red Wings for a few weeks before returning in September with the scruff back in full force.

    Until then, be bold beard lovers, and trust that justice will result in the return of hairiness in due course.
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Having returned to Rochester about 10 days ago, Luis Perdomo has returned to his stature as a semi-dominant reliever (not sure whether he has Liam Hendricks Arm, or Liam Hendricks has Luis Perdomo arm).

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo in the past two weeks (AAA): 4 App. 7.33 Innings, 2 ER, 6 K, 1 BB (rather a shift from his numbers in Minnesota, eh?)

    Minor league totals this season: 2.17 ERA, 9.1 K/9, 3.53 K/BB Ratio, .950 WHIP

    The return to Rochester was similarly helpful for Luis Perdomo's beard. With Bobby Cuellar's soothing spanish tones providing a sense of home, and Tom Brunansky's mustache ghost as inspiration, things are looking up after a rocky term in the bigs.

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 2 inches gained, 4 Rochester-area commercials conceived, 1 Cheez-it Consumed mid-inning (he's trying to cut back on sodium).

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#19 Jack Sparrow's, #20 Luis Perdomo's, #21 Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    You are doing a tremendous job here, Peanuts. Keep up the good work--a message both to you and to Perdomo!

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    Much to the delight of everyone* in Twins Territory, Luis Perdomo has been recalled to join the big league roster as part of the September Callups, that annual rite of fall when teams finally admit: "Ah, who gives a #%*" and give nervous young rookies, and desperate journeymen a chance to prove themselves one last time.

    Perdomo's spot came at the expense of Anthony Slama because, quoth GM/Mr. Clean's Cousin Terry Ryan, "We know a lot more about Anthony Slama than we do Perdomo, frankly, so it's one of those situations -- it's just like bringing Escobar up instead of Dozier....We need to find something out about these guys we don't know so much about."

    Expect that, in addition to playing time, Terry Ryan, Ron Gardenhire and Rich Anderson spend sometime just talking the night away with Perdomo, learning his hopes and dreams, his favorite movies, if he thinks that Kristen Stewart is a total ho-bag or just a mini-skeez, that sort of thing.

    Meanwhile Luis Perdomo's beard continues to do everything possible to impress people: growing scruffily, shining with phosphorescence in the moonlight, hypnotizing call-ups on other teams. Bravo Luis Perdomo's beard...bravo.

    *Everyone for the sake of this post refers to me, myself and I...the most important/only people I know.
    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Watched Perdomo in the low-leverage blowout situation last night (Tues 9/4) in Chicago. You can see why the Twins are intrigued: His arm motion is a whip style delivery similar to Matt Guerrier, except that Perdomo's arm slot is more 3/4's overhand. Great potential for easy velocity, but Perdomo last night struggled to get his motion synchronized, so his pitches were semi-wild.

    What puzzles me is why more pitchers and pitching coaches don't break down the few old films of Walter Johnson, the best example ever of the whip-style delivery. Johnson himself was only 6'1", 200 pounds, but he did have very long arms, and the few videos I've seen of him were clearly intended to show how he threw a baseball. I think a lot of people see where WJ got his easy velocity, but they miss where he got his pinpoint accuracy - the long control moment where the palm of his pitching hand traveled towards his target as if it were guided by a long string.

    Most pitchers seem to concentrate on getting a tight snap, bending their elbow to the max. Johnson actually didn't bend his elbow that much, about 90 degrees, and the palm of his hand during the second stage of the whip was thrusting from in front of and just below his rotator cuff. From this position he could avoid injuring his elbow and his rotator, while guiding the ball to target with a smooth motion. WJ's finish was a lesson in relaxed balance - palm down, elbow slightly bent, back knee next to stride knee indicates linear transfer of weight for a tight upper body rotation over the front leg, also adding to his accuracy. No wonder this guy could spot the ball within inches. There was zero round-house in his stride. As a side-armer, he had natural control of the vertical. With a linear stride, he controlled the horizontal. Bull's eye.

    In contrast, Perdomo's delivery changes the natural plane of the whip from sidearm to 3/4s overhand, and he bends his elbow farther to add snap. Problem is, when to snap? Unlike WJ's delivery, Perdomo's is extremely timing sensitive. His control moment is compressed to a few inches, where WJ's is about a foot and a half. The longer arrow is naturally more accurate. Funny thing is, Perdomo could alter his motion to more like WJ's in about half an hour. What would take longer is to match WJ's perfect balance. Jump rope? Trampoline? Balance beam?

    By the way, I was watching Humber get pounded, and he was tipping his pitches. Standing on the mound, he was leaning towards the side of the plate he was going to throw to. Think the Twins hitters noticed?
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    First the gritty details on Luis Perdomo's statistical output in the last two weeks.

    FINAL 2012 Minor League statistics (between AA/AAA*): 45 App. 72.66 Innings, 2.60 ERA (lowest since '08), 1.046 WHIP (lowest since '07), 3.09 K/BB (best since '07), 8 W, 5 L, 10 Sv.
    *While he made more appearances in AA, the innings pitched were reasonably close and his averages were actually lower in AAA than AA, suggesting this isn't entirely a case of a 28 year old dominating younger competition

    Meanwhile Perdomo has made just one appearance since his September call-up. Going an inning and 2/3rds in a blowout win in Chicago (alluded to by jimbo92107 above); surrendering 1 run on 2 Hits, 1 walk, 1 K (he also had 18 strikes to 14 balls, his best ratio in a Twins uniform this year)

    As to jimbo92107's analyses...yes...good point...

    Seriously, though that's some fine researching and analyses. I cannot explain the ignorance of the Big Train's delivery, and I trust that Twins coaches have discovered the magic of youtube (including Cat videos) and can therefore find footage of Walter Johnson. Heck, I did in 20 seconds

    Ideally of course, Perdomo would get a little practice redefining his arm angle (particularly the snap). His success in the minors suggests that there's something he has done that has been successful (not sure if its mechanical or mental), but a combination of that and a little historical fine-tuning could make for an excellent relief option.

    But I ask you jimbo92107, how dominant and intimidating would Walter Johnson have been with a beard the size of Waseca? By all acounts Johnson's mild mannered nature belied a fierce competitor, but one who was afraid to pitch inside (at least according to Ty Cobb). Chances are he could hide that feeling more effectively behind a Rutheford B. Hayes style beard. Combining all these factors makes Luis Perdomo an extremely interesting prospect indeed.

    Key Stats for Luis Perdomo's beard in the past two weeks: 1.5 inches gained, 3 facial hair stroking contests lost to Ron Gardenhire, 15 Cheez-its consumed at Chicago hotel minibar (cost to Twins organization: $19.98)

    Career Beard Power Rankings: ...#18 Jack Sparrow's, #19 Luis Perdomo's, #20 Evil Spock
    Peanuts From Heaven

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