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Thread: Article: Twins Minor League Report (5/23): Arcia and Willingham lead the Red Wings

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightfoot789 View Post
    Adam Brett Walker II is hitting .300 over the last 10 games with a .317 OBP (his career norm) and .650 Slugging %. His 4 HRs and 16 RBI in that span (10 games)
    He's heating up with the weather. Could turn into a big, big year for ABW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjsyam921 View Post
    They'll be looking to make room for Arcia after the Giants series. What about Willingham? I haven't really missed him but I'm sure he's got to be close to a return.
    Sounds like they're both coming north after the San Francisco series, thinking Herrmann and Santana are the casualties. But Colabello could be vicim as well, hasn't started more than a handful of times in past couple weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsbaby View Post
    Anyone knew why we drafted Ryan Eades in the 2nd round last year? His stat lines were terrible. I thought our player development had VERY BIG problems.
    Eades was seen as a late first early second draftee before the draft, Twins didn't reach. He just didn't have sexy results. Is improving in 2014 and could still be a back rotation starter with occasional bursts of brilliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScrapTheNickname View Post
    I like Jason Kubel and was glad when he made the team, but he has 13 RBIs and has done almost nothing since the first 2 or 3 weeks of the season.

    Same with Colabello, but worse, which is sad because we're all rooting for him so much.

    And especially horrific, is Hicks. Sick of Hicks. Gotta go. Send down. See if he can ever improve, but do it at AAA.

    So surely there is room for Arcia and Willingham (and Fuld when he's ready).

    Reinforcements, please.
    There is room, but I think Kubel is safe, for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff A View Post
    Pelfrey had zero strikeouts in his five innings. That makes me doubt that he's throwing anywhere near 95.

    He was throwing 88-90, so there is work to be done. If he can get back to 93ish, consistently, with flashes of 95, that's more like the player the Twins hoped Pelfrey would be another year removed from TJ surgery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jokin View Post
    Dave Kingman's first 5.25 years of his MLB career from the past are likely as close a comp to hope for as to ABW2's first 5.25 years of his MLB career in the future (and he still has a long ways to go to possibly hit these #s):

    HR 150 ISO .254 BB% 8.1 K% 28.5 Slash .229/.296/.482/.778

    He's a much better athlete than the typical lumbering lumber king slugger. But even during this 10 game stretch, his K% is rising from his season average of 29.1% up to 34.1%.

    Don't get me wrong, he's an exciting talent, and I'm pulling for him to flip the switch and somehow figure out how to take more walks and K less in order to take his game to a new level, but even the 5-year Oliver projections suggest that the above numbers would be about the best-case scenario (http://www.fangraphs.com/statss.aspx...91&position=OF).

    If you look around baseball stats since 2009, there just aren't many guys who stick around in the majors who have a K% over 28% and a single-digit BB%. Chris Davis is the one name that stands out on the plus side (wouldn't that be nice), while all the other few surviving names are around Kelly Shoppach level, and only 2OFs in the group (Drew Stubbs and Rick Ankiel). And there are no DHs in this list, which leaves that career option out. http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.asp...rs=0&sort=10,d
    Excellent dig, jokin. The Ks are going to continue to be ABW's biggest issue. He's hitting the ball hard lately, and if he can just brign that K% down closer to a quarter (rather than a third) of his plate appearances, he could be a Jason Kubel type weapon. Early career Kubel, not the current variety.

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    Dear brother,
    When Arcia and Hammer return from their Rochester vacations, who will the Twins cast off the roster, and what should be make of another horrendous effort from Ricky NoLOLasco?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pleiss View Post
    Dear brother,
    When Arcia and Hammer return from their Rochester vacations, who will the Twins cast off the roster, and what should be make of another horrendous effort from Ricky NoLOLasco?
    I predict Herrmann and Colabello. I write you from the future, where I know this to be true.

    Ricky gonna Ricky.

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