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Thread: Pitchers & K's

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    Quote Originally Posted by markos View Post
    Now let's say that through some change he is able to drop his BB% down to 5%, but at the expense of dropping his K% down to 15%. Now his K/BB ratio is 3.0, so only 25% of the non-BIP PAs end up on base. However, the tradeoff is that he is now allowing more balls in play. Is that tradeoff worth it?
    I think so. Tthe correlations of K-BB% and K/BB to some popular stats for starters in 2013.
    K-BB% -0.60767 -0.77164 -0.89135 -0.96261
    K/BB -0.53073 -0.66139 -0.74294 -0.77169

    Basically the tradeoff's worth it if you drop your walk rate by more than you drop your K rate.

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    All the metrics and the %'s and x/9's are all so convincing, and I like NicksV's comments, but yet I see Mark Buehrle just pitched another game tonight (I will hesitate to say he "won" another game tonight, because as everybody in the saber metrics world knows, wins are meaningless ) but even so, I find myself agreeing with the general sentiment of the original post -- a pitcher can be successful without being a strikeout pitcher. An entire staff might even be successful over the course of the season without being top heavy in strikeouts, I don't know.

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