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Thread: Colabello

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    April was fun and a great story but he is not an MLB caliber player, unless its strictly a bench role MAYBE.

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    I don't like the idea of sending Colabello down, at least not yet. I agree with the majority of posters here; let CC get a couple days out of the lineup as a bench bat and see if he can't work his way out of the slump. If it continues when it's time for Hammer to return (whenever that may be...) then maybe CC has to go down, but I think it's too soon to send him down.

    Thrylos mentioned Chris Parmalee being ahead of CC. I'm not sure about that. I know that CP is out of options, so he'd have to clear waivers before heading to AAA; maybe not everyone would pass on him this time around with the numbers he's put up so far in AAA. Right now I'd rather lose CP than send CC to AAA, but a prolonged slump and the return of Hammer might just mean a trip to AAA for CC, who can always come back if CP turns back into a pumpkin too.

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    One would have hoped that Willingham had been traded and Kubel never signed. Now they are stuck with these roster cloggers. Colabello-Parmelee isn't a terrible platoon situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl View Post
    Colabello-Parmelee isn't a terrible platoon situation.
    Parmebello. Works for me.
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    KielMohr II ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrylos View Post
    The math does not work here, unless you demote both Nunez and Hicks, which is not happening (and should not happen.)

    Colabello needs to go to Rochester. At this point Parmelee is ahead of him and he should be playing.
    Parmelee is a better fielder and has been a better hitter in the month of May. Considering Cola has options and Parmelee does not, the choice seems pretty easy.

    Agreed, Nunez needs to stay up.

    Hicks on the other hand doesn't appear to be ready for the bigs and needs some AAA time. Unfortunately that leaves Fuld to man CF and no 4th outfielder, so it won't/shouldn't happen without a trade or FA.

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    I think that Colabella just needs a fews days off and so does Kubel and Plouffe they have been trotted out their every game because of little bench help in past month. Also Colabella would be helped if he could move down in line up to 6 in the lineup. Also he's getting pitched differently than was before so its going to take him some time to adjust to what they are doing to him. Jee's these guys hit little tough spot and everyone ready send them down baseball game of chess pitchers make ajustments and hitters will adjust to what they are doing. The problem with the Twins is that bottom of lineup has been so poor that soon as these guys fall off the offense in major trouble. This last shakeup looks like they did improve offense some from bottom but at what cost to defense. I would like to say one thing 2014 Twins mirror teams of Met stadium of the past in that weather has taken a toll on the Twins lineup. If you remember this what griffit family complained about was how cold weather brought about higher injuries and poor performance and is why they wanted a doomed stadium to take the weather out teams performance. It also cost them in attendance because fans just wouldn't come out sit in weather like we have had. Yes when summer hits there is nobetter place than watching baseball outside but in Twin Cities 1/4 of the season can be terrible place to watch baseball because of weather. I am just waiting for the Twins to say they are going to have hard time competing with this drop in attendance because of weather conditions its going to happen.

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