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Thread: The Black Hole

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sconnie View Post
    we're back to the Dozier debate, robbing Peter to pay Paul. I'd rather see Santana be given every opportunity to lock down SS and use other resources such as trade or FA to shore up OF.
    If it were my call I'd probably rotate Hicks-Escobar-Santana to give all 3 a look.

    Escobar's too hot to sit in favor of Santana for more than a day or two at a time, IMO.

    edit: to clarify, rotate Santana in at SS and CF, and not Escobar into CF (or Hicks into SS). I've seen enough Escobar in the outfield.
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    Some players don't really take off until they are 25 or so.. Hicks is still young. He may take another year or two, so I wouldn't give up on him yet.

    If anything, send him back down to AAA and let him continue developing there.
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