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Thread: Why isn't Drew Butera a Pitcher?

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    Why isn't Drew Butera a Pitcher?

    In all seriousness, Drew pitched twice in mop-up relief this week for the Dodgers, the first time retiring the side 1-2-3. He did give up a couple runs in his second outing. According to this article, he touched 94 mph on the gun:


    With his career .508 OPS, I would think his ceiling as a hitter is back-up catcher. Couldn't he add a couple ticks to his fastball and develop another pitch with a couple of years in the minors and a good pitching coach? It seems to me like he's got a higher ceiling as a pitcher than as a catcher.

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    Another question is, would he be considered a good hitting pitcher?

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    May want to think about doing that with Hicks!
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    He still has the reputation of being able to handle pitchers well and "call a good game." Also, the Dodgers have plenty of good pitchers.

    Then again, maybe they were willing to part with Sulbaran in the trade to get Butera because they saw the potential he had to replace him?

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    Given his age, I'd think that ship has sailed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diehardtwinsfan View Post
    Given his age, I'd think that ship has sailed.

    Four years younger than Tracy McGrady!
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