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Thread: Game Thread: Twins@Tigers 5/10 12:08PM

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    I picked a heck of a game to give up sniffing glue.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    Eh, it's not a tough statistical break because Gibson has been playing with fire all season. He's not missing bats, hasn't been particularly good at keeping the ball on the ground recently, yet had a good ERA. One could argue that he had a few "bad breaks" coming because he was a lot worse than his numbers indicated.
    I agree. That's what I meant by "tough statistical break" -- he pretty much deserved it with his poor performance, was close to getting a "statistical break" on a fairly common technicality, but just missed.

    How does a fairly well-regarded guy go from 2.5 BB/9 and 8 K/9 all through the minors to this (~4 BB/9 and K/9)? After the Liam Hendriks debacle (primarily in H and HR rather than BB and K), I am real curious about how Meyer and May might transition to the majors now... hopefully their extra K/9 ability acts as a bit of a buffer, but who knows...

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