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Thread: Moves that are warranted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boom Boom View Post
    Something has to be done about Herrmann. It's pathetic that he's starting as a corner outfielder on a team with a short bench and an extra pitcher.

    He hasn't caught an inning yet. If he's not going to catch, he's wasted space.

    If Gardy's so worried about losing his DH for a few innings, stop DHing Pinto. It's not like he's on fire anymore. I'm concerned that Pinto is going to have to be demoted or injured to stop the three-catcher insanity.
    I agree Hermann serves no purpose. The better question is, why does Gardy have any say over the 25 men on his team? Or does Terry think without a 3rd catcher he won't ever DH Punto, which would hurt the team? Or does Terry actually see value in having a 3rd catcher?

    I don't know the answer, but all options are scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kdrupp09 View Post
    Has Darnell made an appearance yet? Or did they get unlucky and call him up right at the beginning of this stretch of good starts for our starters?
    Darnell will probably make an appearance tonight. Since Deduno hasn't tossed more than 63 pitches this year, he is probably limited to 75-80 max tonight which hopefully gets him through 5 innings.

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