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Thread: Starting Pitching

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    Starting Pitching

    Out of all the things that the Twins were afraid of being bad this year, starting pitching was probably fifth behind hitting, fielding, health, their bullpen, and their health again. So far, the Twins have the worst ERA in the ENTIRE MLB, and that, while they don't have top of the line starters, is not acceptable. At times, most of the pitchers in the Twins rotation have shown that they could be dominant, especially Liriano and Blackburn; unfortunately, they are the streakiest pitchers in the game. While this is clearly a rebuilding year, even though nobody will call it that, the Twins definately need to think about dealing an outfield prospect or two for an above-average pitching prospect. The minor leauges, as far as I can tell, are a little light on starters for the Twins, and they need to remedy that. While they have two pitchers right now in AAA that are doing all right (Diamond and DeVries), at the end of the year approximately 4/5 of the Twins starting rotation will be departing (Baker is the most sure, Marquis is definately gone with how he as been pitching, Liriano will have to improve a lot to show that he deserves a contract, and Pavano is 37 and nearing the end of his career) and the only starter they have signed is Blackburn. The Twins, I would imagine, will be focusing on starters not only in the draft but in FA next offseason, with several respectable pitchers coming onto the market.

    They either need to shake thier starters out of their slump, or do some shuffling with the AAA rotation and their own. The one thing the Twins should not do is bring Dunesing out of the bullpen. He, like the Twins figured out with Perkins a few years ago, is much better out of the bullpen than out of the rotation.

    Comments on who the Twins should go after and how they will fix the current rotation so they don't lose 100+ games are welcome.

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    I think we should send Liriano to the bullpen and send Hendricks down to AAA. Bring up Slama and Diamond.

    Something has to be done. He need to get the rotation under control.
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    I think Diamond and DeVries both deserve call-ups soon. Liriano absolutely needs to go to the bullpen and I would agree with sending Hendriks back down. His first couple of starts were good but he has been horrible the last two times out. He is still very young and could really benefit from more time at AAA. Whether it's through trades or free agency, strengthening this rotation has got to be the top priority going forward. There is nothing that will decimate a team more than putrid starting pitching. It taxes the heck out of the bullpen and sucks the life out of the whole team when you are constantly down several runs in the early innings.
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