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Thread: Seriously.....when is it time to just sign Stephen Drew?

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    Seriously.....when is it time to just sign Stephen Drew?

    The Twins clearly have a pretty solid rotation of: Nolasco, Gibson, Hughes, Correia at this point. 5th starter has about 5,000 options so not super worried about that.

    The lineup appears to have a nice amount of guys who look like major league hitters: Dozier, Plouffe, Mauer, Kubel, Cola, Arcia and Pinto all look at the very least to be legit every day players. Ditto with Willingham if he ever figures out to be healthy.

    Why not take the time now and sign Stephen Drew to that lovely 3 year deal we know that he would absolutely take in a heartbeat? Again, still prob not enough to legitmately give the Twins the bullets to compete for the playoffs...this year. But maybe enough to get us to the 74-80 win range to get us primed for a real nice run next year once Buxton, May, Sano and MORE! hit the scene.
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    I found it entertaining that MLB TradeRumors reported that the Tigers had asked 46-yr-old Omar Vizquel if he was interested in a tryout. There must be some seriously bad Drew feelings.

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