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Thread: Fate of Coaching Staff

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    If the whole coaching staff was to get fired. My first hire would be Ernie Pantusso. I am not sure which coaching vacancy he would fill, but it will all get figured out.

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    First thing is to FIRE....

    Anderson the pitching coach
    He has made bad pitchers out of everyone he coaches
    Just look at the past seasons how he has ruined pitchers and their careers.
    Next step is FIRE the batting coach Vavra
    He has no common sense and changes the batter's stace and the effects of his coaching has ruined the players talent
    Look what he has done to Morneau and Joe Mauer
    Then fire the manager if the above does not happen soon.

    How many years do the Twins have to stink before they revamp their coaching staff?

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    He hasn't completely ruined them, Perkins has come back a million times better than he was as a starter; Pavano, at least last night, showed how good he can be; Burton has hitters he has faced at an 0-24 slide right now; as for the rest of the starting pitching staff, they have been just average for several years, it is only after last year that everyone actually realized how average the Twins' starting staff looks and pitches.

    Mauer and Morneau, honestly, just haven't gotten used to Target Field and the way it plays, as both of them are really more suited to playing in the Metrodome.

    As for Gardy, he is trying to make the moves he can and not lose players that he needs on the field. Therefore, I would give him some time to work with Ryan and get the moves made that will improve this staff over the next few years.
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    It's so tiring to hear Gardenhire, Vavra & the rest talk about 'accountability'. What a joke. There is no accountability in this organization, with the exception of Bill Smith getting demoted last year - that was a shocker.
    If there were any real accountability with the Twins, there would have been meaningful changes at the end of the 99-loss 2011 season. The only real changes were to give away one of our few reliable pitchers and the only leader we had in the clubhouse.

    And now here we are, a month into a new season and the team we thought was bad last year has somehow managed to get even worse - on pace to achieve the worst-ever record in the history of baseball.

    The Twins could clean house and it wouldn't matter what coaching staff came in as replacements - this team cannot get worse. They have become completely unwatchable, which is pretty bad coming from this die-hard fan.

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