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    Will he make it to FA after this season? Would it be worth it for the Twins to make a run at it?

    Let's assume for the sake of discussion that the Twins would actually be willing to spend the money on him if it made sense strategically.

    Personally, I think several things would happen before it would make sense to throw big money at an "ace" type FA like Grienke.

    #1: Stop the revolving door middle infield. I don't really care who it is, but we need to know we have a SS and 2b who can play over 100 games at their positions in 2013. If someone doesn't prove this year they deserve the starting job and will hold it in 2013, then this needs to be addressed in FA before you chase a

    #2: No more musical chairs in RF. We need a starter out there, not just someone who needs a place to stand when they aren't batting.

    #3: Have at least 3 or 4 highly consistent and dependable relievers. We don't have to go outside the organization for this, we just need to be able to trust that guys in the pen can at LEAST get three outs when sent out to start an inning the majority of the time. Right now, you can't say that.


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    I wrote on Greinke as a future Twin for another website last month (admittedly, this was before Liriano was so awful, and before the news on Baker).
    If you're interested: http://throughthefencebaseball.com/t...t-field/19558/

    Agreed, though -- we need a solid bullpen for any #1 or #2 starter to be a good investment.
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    Being a Brewers/Minor league fan I see it being entirley possible that they would trade him if he does not pick his game up outside of Miller Park. Hes a good pitcher and would command fair value on the open market via trade. it would take at least 2 B prospects in order for a team to acquire him in my oppinion.

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