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Thread: Oswaldo Arcia

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    Quote Originally Posted by greengoblinrulz View Post
    Think its funny that many people have Arcia as 4th/5th best prospect in organiation right now (I do also for that matter).

    Oz wont get enough ABs to qualify for any of the Eastern Lg titles, but with his 51 AAgms he would currently
    lead the league in BAve w/.337 (2 players at .322)
    lead the league in OBP w/ .412 (Chien Hsui Chen leads in hitting & OBO @ .411)
    2nd in slgg w/.556 (Readings 26yr old 1B Darin Huff @ .596....only 3 players over .500 tho)

    also hitting .316/.375/.526 off lefties in 57ABs (huge weakness over first couple yrs)
    I'm going to be really interested to see how BA, Klaw, Goldstein etc rank him in their top 100s next year. Seems like he should be a guy making some noise but you don't read much about him nationally.

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    BA had him in today's prospect hotsheet: The Scoop: An elbow injury ruined Arcia's 2011 season, but that appears to only be a momentary setback in what's been an rapid rise through the minors. Arcia now carries career averages of .315/.371/.533. It's pretty impressive when you consider that he's never been old for a league he's played in. Josh Willingham has hit 30 home runs this year, but no one else in the Twins' outfield has more than three. Arcia could bring some much needed power to Minnesota in the not-to-distant future.

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    other numbers entering today
    .444/.500/.746 with RISP in 63ABs
    .459/.504/.827 with runners on base in 98ABs
    .219/.324/.292 in 96ABs with nobody on base....no challenge??? Needs to up his concentration a bit
    41gms since July 1st .365/.447/.615 in 148ABs 33runs 13doubles 3triples 6hr 41rbi 36k 20bb 2/4sb's

    Why not promote him to ROC before the MN promotion as ROC is also in the hunt for a playoff shot, as is New Brit???
    Is one organization considered more important than the other??

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    I think the higher K-rate w/ nobody on base indicates that the pitchers throw him fewer strikes in these situations and get him to expand his strike zone. This tendency would definitely be exploited at the ML level, and I would imagine this is one of the reasons TRyan said Arcia still had things to work on.

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    not an Easter Lg All Star OF losing out to Aaron Hicks, Trenton's Zolio Almonte (96gms .283/.328/.507 20hr 68rbi) & Akrons Thomas Neal (110gms.310/.400/.467 12hr 51rbi).... know its about games, but doesnt this kid get ANY respect from people???

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    Arcia was battling an 0-21 stretch before a 2 out 9th inning grand slam to tie the game......clutch!!!!

    Got a little bit of streakiness to him.....1-21 from July 28-Aug 4th but immediately followed that with a 26-56 (.464) during a 16 gm hitting streak before the 0-21
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