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Thread: Aaron Hicks's Ceiling?

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    Hicks is much more of a key for the Twins in future years than you may think. If he can hit at or near .300, and take a good number of walks, he has the speed to be a decent leadoff hitter. That allows Buxton to bat second where his increasing power may drive in Hicks, and because of speed he is less likely to be caught in a double play - and you could see a lot of situations where you have Hicks at third (or already home) and Buxton at second to start games.. Then Mauer at 3, then Sano at clean-up. If Hicks can be above-average, that would be a great first four in the line-up. BUT that's a BIG IFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    My opinion is his ceiling is what he did in NB in 2012... .270ish,, .350ish OBP, 35 doubles, 20 homers, 25-30 SB.

    Not saying all of those in one season, but I think those are his top numbers.
    I'd say this is a pretty good projection. I could see him putting together a few seasons like that. Those are well above average for a CF too and can stand on their own in a corner if needs be (though I think Hicks will be of more value being traded to a CF needy team at some point).

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    He'll go as far as his left-handed bat will let him. If that's a .250 average, he'll need a lot of walks to push his lefty OBP above .330 or so. If that's the limit, he could still mash lefties enough to put up a season like the .270 avg/.350 OBP one people are projecting, but he'll also need those 15+ homers and 20+ SB's to really be a plus in a corner.

    My guess is that he'll end up hitting enough to be a good but not great CF, and pretty close to an average corner OF. After seeing Benson, Parmelee, Plouffe and others flame out to varying degrees, it's hard for me to get really excited about any young hitters in the organization besides Buxton and Sano. Hope I'm wrong, like I was about Dozier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crarko View Post
    I'm going to guess 8-10'. Same as mine.
    If he has a major league salary for several years, he will be able to afford walls of a height unimaginable to you or me.

    Oh, and I think he could nudge .300 for a BA a season or two, with the good power/speed numbers mentioned above. I think he can cut down on the strikeouts as he gains experience.
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