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Thread: Chris Herrmann, really?

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    Chris Herrmann, really?

    Pinto's competition for a roster spot appears to be Chris Herrmann and only Chris Herrmann. Herrmann is a LH batting catcher who can capably cover a corner OF spot and he has worked out a bit at first base, as well.

    I mentioned Herrmann as a 25th man candidate and think he still figures in there, besides competing with Pinto for backup duties. IMHO, Herrmann hits like a backup catcher at best and as a receiver, he's nothing special. That skill set equates to "hanger on" at the MLB level, with little or no job security.

    However, Herrmann has had a nice spring, he hits lefty while Pinto and Suzuki are right handers, and there's that versatility. Would the Twins consider going with Herrmann as Suzuki's only backup? Should they?

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    I think it depends on what they think of Pinto - does he need another 200 AAA at bats or is it better for him to play twice a week and watch how Suzuki calls game the rest of the time.

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    I think it will be Pinto as the back-up and am encouraged by this quote from LEN3:

    "If Pinto makes the team, as seems likely, the club understands that he will need to play more than twice a week."


    And I'm also coming around to your position that Herrmann may need to be the 25th man. If that is what it takes to get Pinto additional AB's as DH, then maybe that's the price to pay.

    It's not as though there are options that are heads and shoulders above Herrmann so for the reasons you state, it may well make sense to make him the 25th man on the roster.

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    Yeah, but I think Colabello has earned a trip north too. maybe as the DH/ bench combo with Parmelee. Kubel is going to need several hits to drop in to with the DH job as I have read he is hitting the ball with no results a lot better the last week. I think Herman should be the back up C to start the season and Pinto can come up mid May. there are 5 off days in April so that will help limit the playing time for back ups this month regardless.

    So that makes the bench and DH Colabello, Parmelee, Hicks or Presley, Escobar, and Herman

    The Twins will probably carry 12 pitchers to start the season since there is more of a need there in terms of who we need to keep. the only variable is if the Twins feel they need another middle IF and keep Romero or Bernier over Parmelee.

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    Obviously I have always liked Herrmann. If he can get back to what he showed in most of his time in the minors--good plate discipline--he should be able to put up a decent OBP. I never would have signed Suzuki in the first place, but whatever. I have to wonder if Herrmann would even be beating out Parmelee, if it came to that (regardless of options).

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    Since Mauer is no longer catching, the Twins should no longer need a third catcher on the roster. The need for a third catcher was for allowing Mauer, by far the best hitter on the team, to remain in the lineup as a DH while still having a backup catcher available in case of injury.
    The extra roster spot should be used for a bench bat or true DH.

    Keep in mind, if it wasn't due to Mauer's injury and subsequent move to first base, Pinto would still be developing at AAA this year and possibly next year. So while it would be optimistic to think that Pinto is ready to move into the starting role right now, he should realistically need at least another year at AAA. Hermann should be the back up catcher this year if he has a passable spring.

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    I think that if hermann makes the club, its at the expense of Hicks and its so Pinto can DH.I see Escobar and the two other chris' s filling the bench with pressly filling center field

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    It seems likely that the best long-term option for the Twins would be to keep Pinto in AAA catching 5 or 6 days a week until:
    a) he satisfies the coaches that he can be an adequate defensive catcher,
    b) he shows that his hitting last year was not a fluke, and
    c) he has spent enough of this year in AAA so push his service time clock back.

    I suspect all 3 of those will factor into decisions regarding Pinto. It also give Hermann a last chance to display in MLB the skills that made him an asset at the plate in AA.
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    IMO bringing Pinto north is the right decision, pencil him in the lineup 2-3 times a week as a C and one game or so as a DH, let him work on his defense. If he comes out like he ended last year, he will be in the lineup everyday by May.
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