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Thread: Next year's outfield

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    I want to see Hicks in the OF this year to see how he will hit MLB pitching over a season. We know he can cover the ground. If he hits well and Buxton comes up, then move him to a corner OF, let Parmalee, Plouffe, and Rosario battle it out for the other OF spot (figuring Sano at 3B) and give Arcia the DH spot--WHEN Buxton is ready. Until Buxton is ready, keep Hicks in CF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VandyTwinsFan View Post
    Arcia - LF
    Hicks - Center
    Parmelee - RF

    Why Parms? Because I feel like it. As I think the Twins rarely push people quickly unless out of need, Buxton will still be in AAA/AA. If not, then Hicks struggled to make contact and they brought up Buxton to help out. Swap Buxton for Hicks.
    After Kubel fails to catch up to anything resembling a fastball and Willingham falls apart, Parms will play enough to not embarrass himself nightly this year. We still won't tell anyone that he plays for us though. He won't be THAT good. Thus, he will be in RF to start next year. If he hits with the power people thought he had...then he's the prototypical slow-footed RF that y'all have been talking about.

    Just throwing out some hastily written thoughts. I'd much rather have Arcia, Hicks, and Buxton...but that means all 3 have to figure it out.
    I don't see a scenario where Parmelee is in the OF, or on this team beyond this year. The only options for him are RF, LF, DH, or 1B. The in-house options for LF/RF are Arcia, Hicks, Rosario, and probably Plouffe. Wild cards are Sano or Mauer. And this is a relatively easy place to find a bat in free agency.

    I don't think he has the batting average or power to justify one of these positions. He is a career .246 hitter in 600+ at bats, with only 17 HR. 3 to 1 K/BB ratio. Compare him with what Rosario may be able to put up in a corner. The offense should be similar or even favor Rosario and defensively Rosario would be the equivalent of another CF out there, i.e. much better than Parmelee.

    I think Arcia is a DH long term, but he will provide enough offense that the Twins will give him a shot to improve and stick in the OF

    Hopefully we are in a place 12 months from now where the fringe AAA guys are off the team or relegated to the 4th OF/INF utility role.
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