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Thread: Rob Garbleheimer's Mindysoda Tweens Limeup

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    Rob Garbleheimer's Mindysoda Tweens Limeup

    Just catching up on the Twins-Yanquis game and noticed their play-by-play guy referring to Gardy as 'Rob' Gardenhire.

    So in the spirit of flyover country, and to the tune of 'New Yorke State of Mime', I present the projected NY pronunciations of the Tweens projected limeup.

    1- CF Haron Dicks
    2- 2B Ryan Doozy
    3- 1B Mojo Jojo
    4- RF Lee Harvey Oswaldo
    5- LF Gosh Lillehammer
    6- 3B Treble Proof
    7- DH Crip Coachella
    8- C Burp Suzy-Q-y
    9- SS Repo Flowerman

    SP: Tricky Tobasco
    RP: Prim Gherkins

    Bench: L. Ron Mostaccioli, Chasesome Nibblets
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    Feel free to pile on about Suzuki.

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    I got around to watching this game today. I think the guy had a mini-stroke each time a new Twin came up to bat. My favorite was when he managed to make Caleb Thielbar sound like someone from Saudi Arabia.

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