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Thread: Article: Roster Speculation: The Position Players

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn View Post
    It would be interesting to read a quote about a batter, "right now, he's just looking to crush mediocre fastballs down the middle. In another week, he'll start working on laying off of sliders in the dirt."
    How about the quote from Buxton that he was just taking a bunch of pitches to get an idea of the strike zone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrylos View Post
    How about the quote from Buxton that he was just taking a bunch of pitches to get an idea of the strike zone
    Someone may want to inform the gentleman that the strike zone suddenly may look a little different when you decide to swing.

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    At least five players are likely to have their statistical rookie seasons in 2015 - Buxton, Sano, Meyer, Rosario and Santana. At least three of these will be among the most heralded Twins rookies since Mauer and Mourneau, and, collectively, it will be the strongest rookie class since 1982 with Hrbek, Bruno, Viola, etc. This matters to decisions about the 2014 roster because it could cause acceleration of other players onto the team, so that not too many players are having statistical rookie years at the same time.

    Players such as Arcia, Pinto, Hicks and Gibson should be given every chance to establish themselves as major leaguers in 2014, so that not too many players in 2015 are going through rookie-related issues, such as figuring out how to handle themselves in the major leagues, being calm in the locker room and simply getting special attention from coaches.

    Also, players who may still have some upside in their careers and possibly contribute in 2015, such as Parmalee, Escobar and Herrmann, should also get a more-extended opportunity to prove whether or not they can contribute. Veterans clearly on the downside, such as Kubel and Bartlett, or those on the sorry-but-it-never-really-happened side, such as Ramirez and Fryer, should get less of a chance than was given to previous fill-ins such as Tony Batista and Juan Castro. If they can't prove during spring training that they are clearly superior options to players who have possible growth, they should not be given a tenured position (like a scholarship) based on career accomplishment. If a veteran shows good talent during spring, great. Otherwise, all else being equal, someone scrapping to establish himself as a major leaguer will be a better fit for the 2014 Twins - and probably result in a better w/l - than someone trying to extend his career for one or two more years.

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    Agreed, this should be the let's see what we got year. And move on from those who don't cut it.

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    Spot on Deduno, spot on.
    Lighten up Francis....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    Spot on Deduno, spot on.
    Bah, I keep being told how much we need Correia. All this talk about not playing dead-end old guys is lies I say!

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    I missed it: Are you saying Bartlett can't back-up third base? I've heard he is working at all the infield positions, including first base. It is news to me that he's doing poorly at any of them.

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