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Thread: Article: Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, March 4

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    Article: Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, March 4

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    Do Spring Training at bats mean much or should we be very pleased thus far with the success our young prospects are having hitting in MLB camps.
    Pinto; Kepler; Santana; Polanco; Vargas; Buxton; etc. - I've been pleasantly please with their aggressiveness and clutch performances thus far.

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    Dozier really looks good. 3 doubles in the two games I've seen. I know ST means "nothing" but it sure looks like those 2nd half adjustments from 2013 are going to stick.

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    Miguel Sano-no-no-no-no!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest and rehab fails again and we are again dealing with a player losing time to TJ when it could have been done sooner. Does this injury impact Sano's future at 3B? Is it now more likely he comes up next season as a DH corner OF guy instead of a third basemen because of the loss of reps at the hot corner?

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    Are the twins a little light on OF's in Rookie ball???? The didn't re-sign about a half dozen OF's over the winter. Will they draft more OF's than any other position?? It seems with promotions to higher leagues they might be thin. Thanks

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm finally getting around to listening to the podcast, and I thought I'd help you clarify what an aneurysm is.

    An aneurysm is when the walls of the vessel get thin and then the blood causes it to blow up like a balloon. Because the blood is spending time in the balloon, it doesn't really flow like it should, causing poor circulation. Also, the balloon could possibly pinch nerves or other vessels. You really don't want aneurysms to burst.

    A clot is a hunk of plaque or calcium stuck on the inside of the vessel wall, thereby pinching off blood supply. They can break off and travel to places where you really don't want them: the heart, brain, or lungs. Clots can also form inside aneurysms -- double trouble.

    There are a number of ways to treat aneurysms. What happens with surgery depends on the kind of aneurysm. If the balloon is on the side of the vessel, they could put a tiny clip on it to pinch it off. If the whole vessel is ballooning, they might put a tiny, collapsible fence-like tube called a stent in the vessel to strengthen the walls and allow blood to flow normally. They could also bypass it.

    I'm not a health professional, and I really don't know what's going on with Zack Jones's aneurysm. But I do get to know about aneurysms and stents and stuff for my job.

    Keep up the great work on the podcast. Oh, and safe travels Seth.

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