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Thread: How do you rate the Twins radio broadcasters?

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    provus has earned my dad's respect, and he has earned mine too. A baseball broadcaster has a hard time earning the respect of my dad, (especially after Gordon) so he is really good

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    I enjoyed Dan Gladden as a player and I'm not too familiar with him as a person. But I hate his style on the broadcasts. As was written above, he has no level of excitement for big plays, and fails to explain half of what's going on. I would much rather have a broadcaster with the Dick Bremer problem (getting TOO excited for plays that turn out to be routine) than killing the energy level of what you're being paid to convey to the fans.

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    I'm loving the game tonight - not the score so far, but the call. After reading this thread over the weekend I really listened closely to the game on Sunday and Gladden's approach (lack of approach?), trying to "see the game" based on his descriptions. Pretty tough. He's not very good. Guess I knew that, though. I'm doing the same tonight with Provus and Atteberry broadcasting. What a difference.

    I appreciate the occasional player-type insight that Gladden offers, but the overall experience of "seeing the game" based on the broadcaster's description is much more important to me. Give me Provus and Atteberry during the game and let Gladden and Morris take care of the occasional after-game talk/chat on the weekend.

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