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Thread: Tops in the AL

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    Tops in the AL

    In the season's first three weeks, the Twins have played the top teams in the AL East and AL West. I think that the Tigers fit into the discussion as well, and the White Sox are surprising a lot of people. So, as a Twins fan who has seen the team's from the east and west and know enough about the Tigers and Sox, how would you rank the top teams in the AL?

    I would go:

    Texas Rangers - dominant offense, SP and RP with strong D
    Detroit Tigers - dominant offense, good top SP, solid BP
    Tampa Bay Rays - dominant SP, decent offense, questionable BP
    LA Angels - dominant SP (even though the Twins did well against them), solid offense, decent BP
    NY Yankees - dominant offense, decent SP, dominant back of BP
    Boston Red Sox - dominant offense, good SP, questionable BP
    Chicago White Sox - decent offense, decent but good so far SP, questionable BP.

    What do you think? I can't put the Orioles in there yet, or the Blue Jays.

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    1. Rangers
    2. Tigers
    3. Yankees
    4. Angels
    5. Rays
    6. Red Sox
    7. Blue Jays
    8. Indians
    9. A's
    10. Orioles
    11. White Sox
    12. Mariners
    13. Twins
    14. Royals

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    Texas is hands down the best team in the American League. Their pitching is very solid and I would put their offense up against anyone in the last several years. The funny thing is, if you ask 5 different people, you might get 5 different answers on who their best hitter is. That is when you know you are loaded!

    Detroit is solid, although Seattle is kinda smacking them around right now and you saw what Texas did to them. I am not sold on anyone past Verlander in that rotation and even though Valverde was very good last year, think the American League is going to catch on to him this year and make that bullpen very shaky.

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    The Twins will be in the top 10, not Jays or A's.

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    I would put the Rangers, Rays, Yankees and possibly Boston and LAA before the Tigers. Atrocious defense and the pitching gets mediocre real quick after Verlander.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top Gun View Post
    The Twins will be in the top 10, not Jays or A's.
    I beg to differ. I'm not sure if you realize how bad our pitching is. We could have a top 5 offense and it wouldn't offset our pitching.

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