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Thread: Article: Position Battle: Fifth Starter

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    Pitchers lose velocity starting at about age 22-23. They get better (generally) at pitching as they age. Gibson is 26. He's either in, or entering, his peak performance years. He's not young. He has plenty of AAA experience. They NEED to find out if he's any good or not. They don't need KC or even Pelfrey to pitch this year. They aren't winning any championships with this offense. I don't even know how it is a discussion about Gibson or not. He and Worley need to be in this rotation to see what they have for the future or not. Signing Pelfrey when you have KC made no sense for the short or long term, imo.
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    Mike Berardino just posted videos of Deduno throwing live BP to Sano and Vargas. I assume that means he is healthy and ready to go?
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