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Thread: Article: Q&A with Stephen Gonsalves

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    I don't see any way he starts at CR next season. There are just too many other intriguing players fighting for starts. Jorge, Landa and Rosario seem to be locks. Then there are Hein Robb and Josh Burris who made starts their last year before being sent back to the Appy league. There is a chance Ryan Eades starts in CR as well instead of FM. IIRC the Twins wanted to move Slegers to the rotation and we can't forget about Luke Bard. He'll be back after his injury this season rearing to go. Then you also have Kohl Stewart and Lewis Thorpe as well.

    It seems strange to say this but there seems to be an abundance of intriguing pitching building in the low minors. Behind the guys previously mentioned there are also some intriguing bullpen arms and a couple more guys who were pretty darn good at GCL last season who are just a year behind.

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    At least the coaching staff doesn't have to convert him to "pitch to contact". Yikes.

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    As was said earlier, pitching to contact is throwing strikes. Near as I can figure, you need to throw strikes at some point to strike people out. The question before that one he said "I tell the batter in my head that you can't touch this." You can pitch to contact if they can't make contact with what you pitch.
    A pitch with poor movement and/or poor location is going to get hit regardless the pitching coach's philosophy, The parade of pitchers through the starting rotation the last few years that now are pitching elsewhere should be proof of that. PJ Walters will not be having a 24 K% in KC with a different coach.
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    Gonsalves is Trolling Twins Fans With this

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    Again, "Pitch to Contact" means throw strikes... that's the area he probably has to work on most. It's just a phrase... we overthink it way too much.
    Gonsalves is Trolling Twins fans with this phrase.

    I am sure his family has looked at Twins blogs in the past. He must know this phrase is a buzz word in the Twins fandom.

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