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Thread: Mystery teams in on Drew

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicksaviking View Post
    But you're only thinking short term where the money is concerned. If the Twins payroll is $95 million because of Drew in 2015, can we really expect the Twins to chase after James Shields, Justin Masterson or Jon Lester? We then need to ask the same question about 2016 as Drew is going to require a 3 year commitment. This isn't the NFL, you can't just cut him and wipe that salary off the books when he's no longer useful or when his salary becomes a payroll hindrance.
    You're right. This isn't the NFL. There's no salary cap. The Twins had a payroll of $110 million in 2011. Their local and national TV revenue has gone up significantly since then. They can easily afford a $110-120 million dollar payroll in 2015 and 2016. So no, I don't think Drew causing them to at $95 million in 2015, or 15% lower than their payroll 4 years s earlier should cause them issues. There's zero reason to worry significantly about the payroll, unless you're a Pohlad heir.

    And Chief is right, they'll be reluctant to give Jon Lester a big contract. But they'll almost equally reluctant if the payroll before doing so is $85 or $95 million. They always say the money is there for a player if they need it and they tend to view each offer in a vacuum. The payroll could be $30 million and Terry Ryan would not vastly overpay for a FA. It's against his religion.
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