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Thread: Game 19 - Twins vs Red Sox - 4/25/12

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    Yeah... That was an awful call.

    My takes from today:

    Another close game, but another loss and another sweep.
    Based on how they pitched tonight, I do not mind seeing Swarzak in the rotation and Hendriks to AAA (only other with options is Burnett) when they go to 12 Ps.
    Burroughs does not belong in the majors. I start having Butera-like feelings towards him.
    Umpiring consitency really lacks (esp. regarding arguing balls and strikes the last 2 days) and something should be done

    and the big ones:

    - I hope Parmelee is ok, good to see him looking good in the dugout
    - wishing the best for Willingham and his family with their new baby
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    The call was bad but you probably don't deserve to win if your team strands 13 runners.

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    The call did not cost the Twins the game. Missed calls go against every team. But that one stands out because

    1) The Twins were trying to rally in the bottom of the 9th
    2) They desperately need a win
    3) The same ump blew a call on the same guy earlier in the game
    4) It was so blatantly wrong. Like Phil Cuzzi on Joe Mauer's double wrong.

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    another tough loss, can we please take a game against Kansas city this weekend?

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    Can the Twins avoid the cellar? They better win some home games.

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    One more failure

    Two observations on this game.
    1. Starting pitching has to change, I don't feel the starting pitching will get much better.
    2. Clutch hitting is horrible.

    Do not have an answer to 1, but time is coming to take some chances on the wavier wire or with some minor leagures. What choice do we have if Linarno has another bad start next week.

    Seems like the oposition pitcher are able to pitch differently in key situations, while the twins are not. Are their scouting books that much better than ours or twins player just that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beckmt View Post
    2. Clutch hitting is horrible.
    The hitting, period, has not been as good as we were starting to hope. Team scoring is 11th in the league, team slugging percentage is 11th. They're getting on base at an OK clip, 6th, but without good slugging you end up with lots of bases-loaded situations that may or may not yield runs. (Why yes, I am second guessing based on a few recent outcomes, thank you for noticing.)

    These team numbers are based on small totals, early in the season, so not much currently separates 7th and 13th in run scoring for instance. Still, it doesn't look to me like you have to resort to blaming clutchness. We just have an imbalance toward table setters (singles hitters and walk takers) and not enough extra-base hitters.

    Jamey Carroll isn't going to change his stripes, ditto for various others. Mauer's the one guy who's hitting at a high level and with the broad skillset to adjust his game to the current need of his team.

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    Worse run differntial than last year, even with Mauer, Morneau, Span, Willingham....this team is awful. And, there is no help on the horizon for the pitching. I'm already worried about next year being just as bad as last and this....
    Lighten up Francis....

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