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Thread: BA on mlb tonight talking prospects

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    BA on mlb tonight talking prospects


    The link has a 4 min segment where BA and mlb.tv guys talk prospects in the Central. Usual stuff - Twins are best in central, Buxton is a unique type of player, Sano is a top prospect himself. Solid group. BA seems to list Berrios as our #5 prospect but that might have just been a list of names and not a specific order.

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    The bummer is that there is very little new info in media like this. Buxton is the best, Sano is fantastic, but they don't go deeper into either player or the system. They didn't even have time to mention Meyer. As much as people criticized Law for putting Engelb Vielma in his to 20, at least he threw out a different name that facilitated discussion. Also, If the White sox hadn't signed Jose Abreu who would they have talked about in their system?

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