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Thread: Article: Three-Bagger: Arroyo, Guerrier & Albers

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    I agree with Jim H, Correia wouldn't bring back much of value currently. There are other options out there that could be had for just money instead of money and prospects. The trade deadline will be when Correia could bring back something useful. Perhaps a future bullpen piece, a young guy at A ball the Twins like, or perhaps a guy like Gilmartin who is talented but has been injured or just couldn't put it all together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim H View Post
    Oh, I don't expect anything all that great from Correia, I just don't expect much of anything from most of the other candidates either. At least until Gibson, Meyer and perhaps others from the farm system get established. Also, I don't believe there is any "sell high" on Correia. All big league clubs are as aware of his track record as we are. There are somewhat comparable guys still available as free agents. Why would anyone trade for Correia at this time? I am certainly not advocating an extention for Correia either. Just keep him around until you are sure you have 5 better starters and some minor league guys trending upward.
    I don't either. IMO, of all the starters who could conceivably come north from spring training, he is likely one of the top five starters and deservedly so based on last season. Once he is no longer considered one of the top five, then a decision will need to be made. I see no reason to hurry that process right now. However, I do agree that he likely wouldn't bring back much in a trade because there are many starting pitchers of relatively similar abilities and capabilities available at any given time, via free agency or by trade. Why give up much of anything worthwhile when you can likely get similar value without having to give up a prospect at any level?

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    According to Bob Nightengale, the Twins are out on Arroyo. The finalists are Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Orioles.

    Perhaps the Twins could be switching there attention to the reportedly cost reduced E.Santana?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLeviathan View Post
    Correia may be better than Gibson in 2014. Gibson learning to be better in the majors for 2015-2020 is vastly more important, however. As is the potential contribution of anyone that might be with the team long term. Wasting those opportunities to invest in the future in the name of a pitcher (who had his best year in recent memory and still was "meh") - is a poor choice for a rebuilding team.
    Agreed. Everyone is jumping on the Gibson bandwagon but what i saw last year was a minor league pitcher that needs time in AAA. Not only did he not keep his fastball down but he had little control of his slider. Correia is no Greg Maddux but he certainly was a much better pitcher in 2013 than Gibson. 2014 is a big year for Kyle Gibson.

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