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Thread: Josmil Pinto: "Breakout Player"

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    Josmil Pinto: "Breakout Player" (not behind the paywall)

    David Schoenfield from ESPN has Pinto as one of his projected breakout players for the coming season, one of 5 position players he singled out. No real earth-shaking tidbits in the write-up, but nice to see somebody outside our area is hopeful about him.

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    Read that yesterday. Good to see that he is at least on someone's national radar.

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    "but the Twins are moving Joe Mauer to first base due to their confidence in Pinto"

    I really don't think that confidence in Pinto is WHY they are moving Mauer to 1B. I think Mauer would have been moved regardless. I do think that if they didn't have Pinto, they probably would have had to be a little more aggressive in the FA catching market than Kurt Suzuki.

    I know that's nitpicking because I do think the Twins have confidence in Pinto and I hope he proves them (and Schoenfield) right but it isn't as if Pinto forced the issue of moving Mauer to 1B. Concerns over Mauer's health and long-term value to the club caused the move.

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    And TR anointed Kurt Suzuki the starting catcher last night...
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