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Thread: Article: ARod, Selig, Bosch, Yankees, CBS: Nuke em All

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    Article: ARod, Selig, Bosch, Yankees, CBS: Nuke em All

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    Why did you watch? My new plan in life is to avoid stuff I know will tick me off. As for the players in the game, meh. They all got rich, this is just fluff.

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    First off they can't bring him back for the playoffs unless there is a change in the ruling. It includes 162 games plus any 2014 post season games. (That's from last weekends wall-to-wall coverage by MLB Network.) Also my understanding is that the MLBPA is not happy with the ruling but is talking nice about it because it doesn't stem from the Drug program. (A-Rod has never failed a test.) It was imposed under the "Best interest of the game" power of the Commissioner's office. As such the duration is whatever Bud wants it to be. I think what the arbitrators did was look at the intent of the original suspension and determined that it was to include the remainder of 2013 and all of 2014. Since 2013 is over they changed the suspension to be the 162 game 2014 regular season and any post season games his team would qualify for. I would suspect that Rodriguez will not name the Yankees in his lawsuit. Doing so would open him to a potential counter suit by the Yankees to vacate the remaining years of his contract. (I'm no lawyer but that seems a likely probability.)

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    I don't know, but I just tend to ignore this kind of drama, unless it negatively affects the Twins. Got enough things to worry about
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    Hi Jim,
    I surprised this didn't get more "talk" here. Maybe it says something about how people get their news now, or maybe because 60 Minutes has lost it's edge. It still is a program that I try to find the time to watch, but between this piece and the NSA piece, I have been left more than underwhelmed.

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    Or maybe we get news, but don't really consider this news that matters.
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