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Thread: Help Wanted on '65 Twins Book

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    Help Wanted on '65 Twins Book

    Hey guys, this came across my email the other day. They're looking for some writers, and I thought some of you might be interested:

    SABR is announcing another book project: the 1965 Minnesota Twins. There are opportunities to contribute and have your work published! We are looking for committed authors for the following biographies and essays:

    • Allen, Bernie
    • Cimino, Pete
    • Fosnow,Jerry
    • Kostro, Frank
    • Nelson, Mel
    • Pleis, Bill
    • Reese, Rich
    • Sevcik, John
    • Siebler, Dwight
    • Uhlaender, Ted
    • Valdespino, Sandy


    • Dick Gordon
    • Max Nichols

    • Regular Season Summary

    *The deadline for first drafts is September 01, 2014. That is a very firm deadline so that we can have the book published in time to celebrate the team's 50th anniversary. If you think you cannot meet the deadline, please do not sign up.*

    If you are interested, please email me directly.
    Gregory H. Wolf
    Editor, 1965 Minnesota Twins
    [email protected]

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    Thanks! Exciting. I sent a request to do some writing. What a great story, especially in the wake of the Winter Olympics and the Ted & Katie Uhlaender angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don't Feed the Greed Guy View Post
    What a great story, especially in the wake of the Winter Olympics and the Ted & Katie Uhlaender angle.
    I've been moved and delighted by that, too. And I certainly enjoyed watching Frankie Viola watch his daughter compete in the 2012 Summer Games. Weird, unexpected pleasures of being a Twins fan...

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