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    I kind of went over the AJ possibilities in this article, but I'll also add this.

    I think his attitude...
  2. The Twins Should Sit Joe Mauer Until 2014

    I'm taking the conservative approach on this. The Twins have nothing to gain by trotting Mauer out there in the final month in my opinion, so why not give some guys who haven't had major league...
  3. Trades That Could Have (or Should Have) Happened Last Week

    It was quiet everywhere and the Twins weren't alone. I was asked by B/R to write a summary saying why nothing got done for the Twins and here it is.

    Minnesota Twins: 5 Moves They Could (or Should)...
  4. Reason #1,034 to fire Rick Anderson: Francisco Liriano

    Ok, maybe I'm counting a little high and I'm sure this renaissance from Liriano has spurned multiple topics regarding why to fire Rick Anderson, but I think this is the biggest.


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    I agree, everybody wants a full fledged roster...

    I agree, everybody wants a full fledged roster overhaul to get younger talent or whatever. There's just nothing that makes contending GMs start drooling. I made an article on what I thought would...
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    I wondered this too after the Orioles supposedly...

    I wondered this too after the Orioles supposedly called about him. Everything I've heard is that no team is willing to give up much to acquire Morneau, but they just have to pull the trigger to avoid...
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    Trading Beloved Players

    I get an increasing feeling that this trade deadline is going to tug at the heartstrings of several Twins fans. The biggest blow would be the trade that sends Justin Morneau packing, but they've...
  8. Questions That Will Be Answered in Second Half

    Gardy's job now appears to be safe, but I asked the obvious questions of who will be traded and who will take their place in my new Yahoo piece:


  9. Who's Hot and Who's Not for the Twins?

    I usually hate doing these articles, but it was assigned by the powers that be so I did it by going by their season stats and what it means going forward. Here's the link to the article:

  10. When the move was made, I wasn't so sure as if...

    When the move was made, I wasn't so sure as if the Twins were trying to send "one last message" to Parmelee...but then it was at-bats. He's 25...so it kind of makes sense, but I haven't seen anything...
  11. Does Trevor Plouffe Fit Into The Twins' Plans?

    You've heard Morneau, Perkins and others mentioned in trade talks, but the writing on the wall is that it may be Plouffe who gets moved.


    You'll see the link in the article above, but...
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    Yankee Dominance

    The Yankees are officially in the Twins head...well, you could have said that years ago, but it's official. Alberto Del Rio Gonzalez with three RBI? Are you kidding me? Even without their regulars,...
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    I just wonder this now. The Twins used Willingham...

    I just wonder this now. The Twins used Willingham for Cuddyer's replacement. Cuddy is tearing it up with the Colorado Rockies and Willingham is on the shelf.

    Twins have lost more games than the...
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    Comparing Byron Buxton to Mike Trout

    Both Buxton and Trout blew up in the Midwest League, so the comparison is naturally going to be there. Looking ahead, is there a chance that Buxton could be better than Trout? I examined the hype...
  15. Can Glen Perkins sneak in as an All-Star closer?

    The way I see it is this:

    - Joe Nathan, Mariano Rivera and Jim Johnson are all locks.
    - Addison Reed will probably get in because there's nobody on the Sox that's close to making the team. (Maybe...
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    Thanks, forgot to do it last night before falling...

    Thanks, forgot to do it last night before falling asleep. Guess I'm old, ha.
  17. I think Car-Go has way more speed than Arcia...

    I think Car-Go has way more speed than Arcia does, but the power is definitely there. After hearing Radcliff mention the Abreu comparison, I found that to be true with the way he works the count and...
  18. What I like about him is that he exceeds...

    What I like about him is that he exceeds expectations. Only the hardcore Twins fans knew about him a season ago and even this year it would have been understandable if he struggled a bit rather than...
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    I'll try and find a thread that fits in with...

    I'll try and find a thread that fits in with it...just trying to get my stuff out there. I appreciate the reads though.
  20. Oswaldo Arcia as a Rookie of the Year Candidate?

    While I was watching the game I overheard Dick N' Bert talking about how Oswaldo Arcia is a legitimate ROY candidate in the American League. I played it off as homerism, but there really isn't...
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    Mauer's 2013 Season

    I couldn't help but notice when I was reading the Star-Tribune this morning about Joe Mauer's salary and how he was nothing more than a "utility outfielder."

    Yes, utility outfielders usually hit...
  22. Why Kohl Stewart Is Most Important Piece to Twins' Rebuild

    Sano and Buxton are nice pieces to have, but if Stewart doesn't become the team's ace, it won't matter how many runs these studs (and the rest of the lineup) can put up.

  23. Can P.J. Walters Continue His Fast Start?

    His numbers are eerily similar to his first four starts from a year ago...but if these things happen he can avoid the regression that ended his 2012 season.

  24. Which Current or Former Minnesota Twins Would Make Solid MLB Managers?

    The hiring of Jason Kidd as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets made me think of what Twins (past or present) would make a solid manager for a team in need. Many recent names on the list, but what do...
  25. Which Twin Will Be The Odd Man Out After Hicks' Injury?

    With Hicks to the DL and Clete Thomas the only center field option on the roster, it leaves Chris Parmelee, Ryan Doumit and Oswaldo Arcia in a battle for playing time.

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