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Twins Organization Chart

  Name Team Pos Bats Throws DoB 2016 Acquired DL TD Top 20

Alvarez, Jhon

GCL Twins C R R 1996-02-18 Rk I-FA

Bard, Luke

Chattanooga Lookouts RP R R 1990-11-13 AA Draft

Baxendale, D.J.

Rochester Red Wings RP R R 1990-12-08 AAA, AA Draft

Blanco, Dominic

Former Players C L R 1995-10-05 Rk MiL FA

Booser, Cameron

Elizabethton Twins P L L 1992-05-02 A+, A NDFA

Busenitz, Alan

Rochester Red Wings RP R R 1990-08-22 AAA, AA Trade

Corcino, Edgar

Chattanooga Lookouts OF B R 1992-06-07 AA, A+ MiL FA

Eades, Ryan

Chattanooga Lookouts P R R 1991-12-15 AA Draft

Fernandez, Raul

Chattanooga Lookouts P R R 1990-06-22 AA, A+ MiL FA

Garcia, Kevin

Fort Myers Miracle C L R 1992-09-17 A+, A- MiL FA

Gimenez, Chris

Minnesota Twins C R R 1982-12-27 MiL FA

Harrison, Travis

Chattanooga Lookouts LF R R 1992-10-17 AA Draft

Hicks, Dalton

Former Players 1B L R 1990-04-02 AA Draft

Hurlbut, David

Rochester Red Wings P L L 1989-11-24 AAA Draft 7d

Ibarra, Christian

Former Players 3B R R 1992-09-10 A+, A-, Indy MiL FA

Jones, Zack

Chattanooga Lookouts RP R R 1990-12-04 AAA, AA, A+ Draft 60d

Michael, Levi

Chattanooga Lookouts 2B B R 1991-02-09 A Draft

Minier, Amaurys

Cedar Rapids Kernels 1B B R 1996-01-30 Rk I-FA

Muren, Alexander

Fort Myers Miracle RP R R 1991-11-06 A+ Draft

O'Rourke, Ryan

Minnesota Twins RP R L 1988-04-30 MLB, AAA Draft 60d

Ramirez, Williams

Fort Myers Miracle RP R R 1992-08-08 A- I-FA

Reginnato, Leonardo

Rochester Red Wings 3B R R 1990-04-10 AAA, AA MiL FA 7d

Rodriguez, Dereck

Chattanooga Lookouts SP R R 1992-06-05 A+, A- Draft

Rodriguez, Eddy

Former Players C R R 12-1-85 MiL FA

Rodriguez, Jonathan

Chattanooga Lookouts 1B R R 1989-08-21 MiL FA

Rohlfing, Dan

Chattanooga Lookouts C R R 2-12-89 MiL FA

Shuck, JB

Rochester Red Wings OF L L 6-18-87 MiL FA

Silva, Rainis

Elizabethton Twins C R R 1996-03-20 A- I-FA

Slegers, Aaron

Rochester Red Wings SP R R 1992-09-04 AA Draft

Strausborger, Ryan

Rochester Red Wings OF R R 1988-03-04 MiL FA

Stubbs, Drew

Former Players OF R R 1984-10-04 MiL FA

Thorpe, Lewis

Fort Myers Miracle SP R L 1995-11-23 A- I-FA 12

Valera, Rafael

Former Players 2B R R 1994-08-15 A- I-FA

Van Steensel, Todd

Chattanooga Lookouts RP R R 1991-01-14 A+ MiL FA

Walker, Ryan

Chattanooga Lookouts SS L R 1992-03-26 AA, A+ Draft

Wheeler, Jason

Former Players SP L L 1990-10-27 AAA, A Draft

Witt, Tanner

Former Players 2B R R 1991-01-25 AA, A+ MiL FA