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Twins Organization Chart

  Name Team Pos Bats Throws DoB 2016 Acquired DL TD Top 20

Anderson, Nick

Chattanooga Lookouts RP R R 1990-07-05 A+, A NDFA

Arias, Jean Carlos

GCL Twins OF L L 1998-01-14 Rk I-FA

Arraez, Luis

Fort Myers Miracle 2B L R 1997-04-09 A I-FA 60d

Balan, Vadim

GCL Twins P R R 1993-05-25 Rk I-FA 7d

Cavaness, Christian

Cedar Rapids Kernels OF L L 1994-03-16 A, Rk NDFA

Cordy, Max

Cedar Rapids Kernels P R R 1993-06-09 A, Rk Draft

Cuesto, Dalin

DSL Twins C R R 1997-10-12 I-FA

Davis, Jaylin

Fort Myers Miracle OF R R 1994-07-01 A, Rk Draft

Gomez, Moises

Elizabethton Twins P R R 1997-02-08 Rk I-FA

Gordon, Nick

Chattanooga Lookouts SS L R 1995-10-24 A+ Draft

Hayman, Bryant

Ext Spring Training C R R 1992-10-13 A-, Rk NDFA 7d

Hildenberger, Trevor

Minnesota Twins RP R R 1990-12-15 AA, A+ Draft

Jay, Tyler

Chattanooga Lookouts SP L L 1994-04-19 AA, A+ Draft 7d 5

Kihle, Daniel

Former Players OF R L 1993-10-01 A+, A- Draft

Lombana, Logan

Cedar Rapids Kernels RP R R 1994-07-17 A+, A- Draft

Lujan, Hector

Cedar Rapids Kernels RP R R 1994-08-23 A+, Rk Draft

McIver, Anthony

Fort Myers Miracle RP L L 1992-04-08 A- Draft

Miller, Sean

Fort Myers Miracle 2B R R 1994-10-10 A+, A- Draft

Munoz, Gorge

Cedar Rapids Kernels SS R R 1996-06-21 Rk I-FA

Murray, AJ

Former Players C R R 1993-04-04 A+, A- Draft

Olson, Brian

Fort Myers Miracle C R R 1993-01-21 AAA, A+, A, Rk Draft 7d

Palacios, Jermaine

Fort Myers Miracle SS R R 1996-07-19 A- I-FA 14

Paul, Chris

Fort Myers Miracle 3B R R 1992-10-22 A+, A Draft

Perez, Alex

Chattanooga Lookouts 2B L R 1992-10-24 A+, A- Draft

Robinson, Alex

Cedar Rapids Kernels RP L L 1994-08-11 Rk Draft

Stashak, Cody

Fort Myers Miracle SP R R 1994-06-04 A+, A- Draft

Vasquez, Andrew

Fort Myers Miracle RP L L 1993-09-14 A-, Rk Draft

Wade, LaMonte

Chattanooga Lookouts CF L L 1994-01-01 A+, A- Draft

Wells, Lachlan

Fort Myers Miracle SP R L 1997-02-27 A- I-FA

Wiel, Zander

Fort Myers Miracle 1B R R 1993-01-11 A- Draft

Ynoa, Huascar

Elizabethton Twins SP R R 1998-05-28 Rk I-FA