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Twins Organization Chart

  Name Team Pos Bats Throws DoB 2016 Acquired DL TD Top 20 2017

Bard, Luke

Rochester Red Wings RP R R 1990-11-13 AA Draft Rule 5 pick, December 2017, by the Angels. Made team. DFAd in mid-April. Returned to Twins.

Baxendale, D.J.

Rochester Red Wings RP R R 1990-12-08 AAA, AA Draft

Berrios, Jose

Minnesota Twins SP R R 1995-5-27 MLB, AAA Draft 2

Booser, Cameron

Former Players P L L 1992-05-02 A+, A NDFA retired offseason 2017/2018.

Chargois, JT

Former Players RP R R 1990-12-03 MLB, AAA, AA Draft 7d 13 DFA spring training 2018, claimed by Dodgers.

Curtiss, John

Rochester Red Wings RP R R 1993-04-05 A+, A Draft

Duffey, Tyler

Rochester Red Wings RP R R 1990-12-27 MLB, AAA Draft

Eades, Ryan

Chattanooga Lookouts P R R 1991-12-15 AA Draft

Gibson, Kyle

Minnesota Twins SP R R 1987--10-23 Draft

Gonsalves, Stephen

Rochester Red Wings SP L L 1994-07-08 AA, A+ Draft 6

Hildenberger, Trevor

Minnesota Twins RP R R 1990-12-15 AA, A+ Draft

Hurlbut, David

Former Players P L L 1989-11-24 AAA Draft 7d signed minor league deal with Rangers in Dec. 2017

Jones, Zack

Chattanooga Lookouts RP R R 1990-12-04 AAA, AA, A+ Draft 60d

LeBlanc, Randy

Chattanooga Lookouts SP R R 1992-03-07 AA, A+, A- Draft

Melotakis, Mason

Rochester Red Wings RP R L 1991-06-28 AA Draft

Moya, Gabriel

Rochester Red Wings RP L L 1/9/95 Draft

Muren, Alexander

Former Players RP R R 1991-11-06 A+ Draft retired January 2018.

Rogers, Taylor

Minnesota Twins RP L L 1990-12-17 MLB, AAA Draft 16

Slegers, Aaron

Rochester Red Wings SP R R 1992-09-04 AA Draft

Wheeler, Jason

Former Players SP L L 1990-10-27 AAA, A Draft