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  1. Across the Meadow: Season Preview

    You can listen directly here or download directly from iTunes here.

    Let us know what you think and thanks for listening!

    • Mar 27 2019 01:27 PM
    • by Jeremy Nygaard
  2. 2019 Super (Bowl) Predictions

    Let’s get right to it. Here are the Super Bowl predictions, in the order they were received. I will continue to update this document right up until Game Time as I will receive more predictions to that point.

    TC Bear (Twins mascot) - Tough call here...... here’s my thinking. So both the Pats and Rams have mascots, but if you transfer that to baseball, you have Wally for the Red Sox but the L.A. area does not have a mascot for baseball. Which makes me lean towards the New England area. So I am going Patriots.

    Ryan O'Rourke (former Twins LHP, currently with Mets) - You know who I have haha. Pats-W.

    Travis Blankenhorn (Twins 3B/2B prospect, played in Ft. Myers in 2018) - Patriots 34-21.

    Alex Perez (Twins infield prospect, played at Chattanooga and Rochester in 2018) - Unfortunately gotta go with Tom Brady and the Pats 35-21.

    Landon Leach (Twins RHP prospect, pitched in the GCL in 2018) - Even though I only watched maybe one regular season game this year, I have been following the playoffs. I definitely think the Pats will win today due to their clutch factor, They’ve built up confidence throughout the playoffs knowing that they can win even though their odds at the beginning of the playoffs weren’t in their favor.

    Ben Rodriguez (Twins C/1B prospect, played at Cedar Rapids and Ft. Myers in 2018) - Patriots. Never pick against Brady.

    Randy Dobnak (Twins RHP prospect, spent 2018 in Cedar Rapids) - 34-31 Pats. Gostkowski nails a 55 yarder to win it as times expires.

    Ryan Jeffers (Twins catching prospect and 2018 draft pick) - Rams!
    Boof Bonser (former Twins pitcher) - Pats.

    Danny Valencia (Former Twins infielder) - Patriots!!! 27-24.

    Chase DeJong (former Twins RHP, acquired in the Zack Duke trade): Rams

    Nick Gordon (Twins SS/2B prospect, played in Chattanooga and Rochester in 2018) - Rams. Gotta go with my cousin (Cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman).

    Zander Wiel (Twins 1B/LF prospect, played in Chattanooga and Rochester in 2018) - Patriots 31-30.

    Lewis Thorpe (Twins LHP and 2018 Minor League Pitcher of the Year) - Rams 30-27

    Jacob Pearson (Twins OF prospect, played in Cedar Rapids in 2018) - Pats 31-21

    Jeff Johnson (Cedar Rapids Kernels beat writer) - Patriots 31, Rams 17. (I hope I am WAY wrong).

    Zack Jones (former Twins RH RP prospect, spent time with the Saints in 2018) - Patriots 34-26

    Danny Banuelos (Twins catcher prospect, spent 2018 in Cedar Rapids) - I'm going for the Rams! Have to root for the Cali team! Go Rams!

    Josh Whetzel (Rochester Red Wings play-by-play voice) - It will be just a guess but I will pick Patriots 34-31.

    Chris Mazza (former Twins RHP prospect, signed this offseason with Mariners, but Mets took him in the minor league Rule 5 draft) - Rams 34 Patriots 27 down goes the Goat

    Todd Van Steensel (former Twins RHP prospect signed with the Padres this offseason) - Patriots 31, Rams 17. I don’t think I’ve ever gone against the Patriots.)

    Tom Hackimer (Twins RH RP prospect) - I predict the score will be precisely what I need it to be to win my box pool.

    Ryley Widell (Twins LHP prospect) - I got the Rams winning 27-21!

    Brian Rapp (Twins 2018 draft pick and RHP prospect) - Patriots 28-24 baby! (I’m even actually going down there so my prediction better be right!)

    Christian Cavaness (former Twins OF prospect) - Patriots by 10 unless Todd Gurley is back to the Gurley of the regular season. if Gurley is back then Rams by 3

    Taylor Grzelakowski (Twins C/OF/1B/DH prospect) - Patriots 27-21. Brady MVP

    Tyler Wells (Twins RHP prospect and Twins Daily 2019 Minor League Starting Pitcher of the Year) - I have Patriots winning 31-28

    Tyler Watson (Twins LHP prospect) - I'm in on the Patriots this year again. I'm gonna predict Edelman makes a diving catch in the back left corner for a touchdown in the fourth.

    Jonathan Rodriguez (Former Twins minor league 1B) - 31-17 Patriots winning

    Patrick McGuff (former Twins minor league RHP prospect, now in Reds system) - Patriots by a touchdown, the Belichick/Brady era lives on, strong as ever.

    Trey Cabbage (Twins 1B/OF prospect) - Honestly man, I’d like to see Tom Terrific win another and possibly set a record,

    Marshall Kelner (Miracle play-by-play guy) - Pats 27, Rams 20

    Trevor May (Twins RHP) - Go Rams

    Pat Light (former Twins RHP) - I never go against Brady though! Patriots 38-35

    Casey Scoggins (former Twins OF prospect) - Rams:34 Pats:24.... Rams start slow but win the 4th quarter!

    Stephen Gonsalves (Twins LHP) - Rams 28-24

    Taylor Rogers (Twins LH RP) - Going with the Rams just because they have the former Bronco CJ Anderson.

    Tyler Webb (Twins OF prospect and 2018 draft pick) - I hate to say it, but I’ve got the Patriots. You can’t go against Tom Brady in the playoffs.

    AJ Achter (Former Twins RH RP, current pitching coach at Eastern Michigan University) - Pats 33, Rams 27.

    Nick Anderson (Minnesotan and former Twins prospect, now with the Miami Marlins) - As cool as it would be to see the Rams win it, I have to go with the Patriots. It’s really hard for me to root against Brady. I hope it’s a crazy exciting game, but you have to respect Brady and his career and the fact that he’s still killing it at 41. So I’m going with a score of 41-35. And both QB’s are going to throw 3 interceptions

    Zach Bove (first-year pitching coach in the GCL) - Pats

    Tyler Benninghoff (Twins RHP prospect) - I got the Rams winning 31-27!

    Shane Carrier (Twins OF prospect) - I’ve got Patriots 24-17

    Michael Quesada (former Twins C prospect, current Twins scout) - I got the Patriots. Tough to go against an experienced hot hand.

    Josh Rabe (former Twins OF, current head coach at his alma mater Quincy University in Illinois) - Patriots 31 Rams 30, James White MVP.

    Hector Lujan (Twins RH RP prospect) - I got the Patriots winning 30-24.

    Daniel Adler (Twins Director of Baseball Operation) - Patriots 27, Rams 23

    Daniel Palka (former Twins OF prospect, current OF/DH of the White Sox) - 19-3 Browns win

    Alex Hassan (former Red Sox OF, current Twins Assistant Director of Player Development) - Patriots by one million points

    Jared Finkel (Twins RH RP prospect, spent 2018 in Cedar Rapids) - I got the Rams!

    Ryan Costello (Twins 1B prospect, acquired in the Zack Duke trade) - I got Patriots, 27 to 24

    Corey Koskie (former Twins 3B, owner of Linklete) - I am not a football guy at all. Put me down for Patriots though.

    Willie Joe Garry (Twins OF prospect and 2018 draft pick) - I hate to say it, but you can never bet against the GOAT so sadly I have to say the Patriots

    Robbie Rinn (Twins 1B prospects, played in Cedar Rapids and Ft. Myers in 2018) - See his run of tweets… all pro-Patriots.

    Billy Boyer (Twins first-year minor league base running and infield coordinator) - As much as it pains me to say it, being a Seahawks fan and all, ,I will go Rams 35 Pats 27.

    Cory Provus (Twins radio voice) - Pats 38. Rams 24

    Trevor Plouffe (former Twins 3B) - Rams 34-31.

    LaTroy Hawkins (former Twins RHP, current Special Assistant to Baseball Operations) - 30-27 Patriots.

    Austin Malinowski (Minnesotan and former Twins LHP) - At some point. Tom Brady is going to have to pass the torch and move on, but this won’t be the year. Patriots 34, Rams 31. MVP goes to Sony Michel.

    Adam Brett Walker (former Twins OF prospect) - I’m going to say 24-17. Patriots are going to sneak out a win. I can't bet against Tom Brady as much as I want to! #GoJags

    Mike Trombley (former Twins RHP) - Patriots 30-14

    Frank Jagoda (Miracle pitching coach) - I’m going with the Patriots. I’m not a typical Buffalo Bills fan who wants NE to lose. I think Brady is the absolute best! And if they win I can say the Bills play the best team in the league twice a year!

    Ryan Smith (Kernels hitting coach) - I’ve got the Pats. Hard to bet against Brady and Belichick!

    Travis Harrison (former Twins 3B/OF prospect) - I’m going Patriots 31-26. Tom Brady is the man. I’m also predicting next year’s super bowl will be my COWBOYS winning over the Colts!

    Jeremy Zoll (Twins Director of Player Development) - As a Pats fan, you’re going to get a biased reply here. Pats 31-23. Brady throws for 3 TD, with Gronk catching at least 1.

    Austin Schulfer (Twins RHP prospect and 2018 draft pick) - I think the Rams win 23-20. The Pats have a chance to make a field goal to sent it to OT and they miss. Only bold prediction I have

    Denny Hocking (former Twins infielder) - Tom Brady for 6.

    Seth Pinkerton (Twins RHP prospect and 2018 draft pick) - As much as I don’t want to say it, but Pats will win. Then I’ll have to hear it from my college roommates about how good TB12 is. 31-20. TB12 MVP with 2 pass TD and a Rush! hope I’m wrong.

    Jordan Gore (Twins infield prospect, played in Cedar Rapids and Chattanooga in 2018) - Can’t bet against Brady. Going with the Pats

    Tony Thomas (former Twins minor leaguer and a Saints player) - I think the Rams will win even though being from New Orleans and a huge Saints fan.

    Trey Vavra (former Twins 1B/OF prospect) - Patriots 41, Rams 31

    Jacob Blank (Twins RHP prospect and 2018 draft pick) - I have the Patriots winning 31-28 this year on a last second FG

    Caleb Abney (first-year GCL Twins pitching coach) - I’ll say Rams 34-31.

    Trevor Hildenberger (Twins RHP) - Rams Goff and CJ Anderson went to Cal. Go Bears!

    Dallas Gallant (former Twins RH RP prospect) - I’m going to go with the same team and score as last year! 31-21 Pats

    Dave St. Peter (Twins president) - Pats 34, Rams 33

    Aaron Whitefield (Twins OF prospect, played in Ft. Myers in 2018): 24-14.

    Derek Molina (Twins RH RP prospect) - Patriots got it I think. Can’t see Brady losing.

    Dereck Rodriguez (former Twins RHP prospect, debuted in 2018 with the Giants) - I hate to say it, but I really think Brady is going to pull it off again. Even though I’d rather see the Rams win.

    And finally... since he's been tweeting about aliens and time travel a lot, here is Jose Canseco's prediction... or ,telling us what the score will be?

    Now it’s your turn. Leave your predictions below.

    • Feb 03 2019 05:40 PM
    • by Seth Stohs
  3. Twins Super (Bowl) Predictions

    Below, in no particular order, other than the order I received them in, are the picks of several current, former or future Minnesota Twins. Be sure to make your Super Bowl 50 predictions in the comments below.

    Some of these answers are great!


    James Beresford: Panthers.. Know nothing about football but played in Charlotte last season and loved the city!

    Logan Wade: I think the Denver Broncos will win by a score of 20-14. Peyton Manning will once again be too good and steer the Broncos around the paddock.

    Daniel Kihle: Well, since I am a lifetime Denver Broncos fan, I am going with them! I think it is going to be a close game, but Peyton will end up throwing the winning pass late in the game. 24-21 Denver.

    Dave St. Peter: Denver 24, Carolina 23 .... Manning with an Elway-like ride into the sunset.

    Zack Larson: Carolina 27 Denver 14. I think it's going to be a defensive game, but Carolina’s Defense is going to pressure Peyton and make him throw some INTs

    Corey Koskie: Did the Blue Bombers make it?

    Alex Perez: For Super Bowl 50, I predict that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will steam roll the Denver Broncos with a final score of 31-13. Cam Newton and his guys won't be stopped trying to capture that illusive Lombardi Trophy.

    Corey Williams: 23-16 Broncos

    Zach Granite: I'm expecting to see a lot of field goals, the Denver Broncos upset the Panthers 23-20 on a walk off 38 yard field goal by McManus.

    Logan Darnell: Taylor Rogers would kill me if I don't pick the Broncos! The Broncos take it to Panthers 31-21

    Jeff Reboulet: Panthers 27 Broncos 17
    Lots of turnovers and probably a defensive score for both teams. If Manning can catch Panthers being too aggressive undercutting short routes then it could be a game.

    Lewis Thorpe: Denver 21 Panthers 24. Hope it's a close game, but I think Cam Newton will have an awesome game. It will be battle of the quarterbacks.

    Brian Gilbert: I predict Carolina over Denver. With Carolina winning by 10. The final score being 27-17. I expect to see that Denver will score first and will have the lead the majority of the game. The 4th quarter is where Cam Newton will take over the game and the Carolina Panthers will be Super Bowl Champs

    Steve Singleton: Carolina 38, Denver 16
    Tight game in the first half with Denver getting 3 FG's. Carolina leads 14-9 at half. Runs away with it in 24-7 second half. 38-16. Cam Newton MVP. 4 TD, 2 rushing.

    Blake Schmit: 31-30 Broncos. Peyton leads the Broncos over SuperCam for his second Super Bowl win!

    Trey Cabbage: I don't have a score prediction, but I have to go with my man "The Sheriff" Peyton Manning. #VFL I'm Tennessee born and UT raised so I have to say Peyton, but I hope Cam has a good game and makes it exciting.

    Ryan O’Rourke: Carolina 34 Denver 17. Cam takes over with his legs to evade Denver's pass rush. (Should have been 27-24 New England)

    Travis Blankenhorn: 38-24 Panthers. I think Cam Newton and the Panthers are too much to stop.

    Trey Vavra: Cam Newton is a beast. Enough said. Panthers 24, Broncos 20

    Trevor Hildenberger: Panthers 27 Broncos 13. I expect the Panthers defense to force a couple turnovers and Cam to take advantage of those short fields. Greg Olson with a pair of touchdown catches but Jonathan Stewart wins the MVP.

    Taylor Rogers: Broncos 27-24! Have to go with the hometown team. Hopefully Peyton Manning can go out like John Elway did. If the defense can slow down Mr. Newton then it will be one of the greatest defenses ever.

    Jason Adam: Broncos are my team so I'll have to hope that Denver's defense can contain Cam and give Peyton the chance to win it on a last-minute drive. Final score: Denver wins 20 - 17

    Stephen Gonsalves: I have Panthers over Broncos 28-17. It will be close and boring in the first half, a defensive grind. Then Super Man Cam will have gotten himself loose and have 1 rushing TD and two through the air.

    Callan Pearce: I'm not to sure on whose better but I'm going to go for a Panthers 36 -24 Broncos

    CK Irby: You have to hope for a late 4th quarter, game winning drive from Peyton to cap off his career. Broncos win. 21-17

    Tyler Stirewalt: Well, I think I am a little biased in my answer because i have always been a Broncos fan because Elway is my favorite player. So I am going to take the Broncos 24-21. I think it is going to be a big defensive game. Both great defenses with the upper hand going to the Panthers offense. I think Peyton needs to have long drives and keep the ball away from Cam because if you give that man too many opportunities he will score. So Broncos offense has to play better than they have been past couple games establish the run which is very tough against the Panthers.

    Brett Doe: Peyton Manning pulls the upset winning 21-17, and he rides off into the sunset as a champion!

    Tanner English: Welp, my team is the Steelers, but since I'm a Carolina boy I'm gonna go with the Panthers. I have no idea about a score, and I don't really even care. I'm honestly more interested in the food that's going to be served at the Super Bowl party I'll be attending. Haha!

    AJ Murray: My pick is Denver winning 24-21. Expect to see Denver go ahead with a late field goal in the 4th.

    Alex Meyer: I'll go with 31-20 Panthers. Too much Cam in this one and not enough Peyton. I don't think Peyton has the fairy tale ending, even though I'm hoping he does as a Colts fan.

    Onas Farfan: I'd like Broncos to win. This could be Peyton's last ride. Score 30-28.

    Todd Van Steensel: I want the Panthers to win, expect it to be low scoring. Carolina to win 17-13, and Cam Newton dabs his way to an MVP.

    Matt Fox: I am picking the Carolina Panthers to cover and win 27-17 in a tight game for 3 quarters. A long punt return by Ohio State Buckeye Teddy Ginn sets up another Buckeye Corey Brown for a touchdown midway through the 4th quarter to put the game out of reach.

    Tanner Vavra: I hope the Broncos win so Peyton can finally retire on top like he's trying to. It could happen, but I think Carolina is going to win 20-17

    Mat Batts: I will say Broncos win 27-24. They will kick a field goal on their last drive with the clock running down. One final two-minute drill for Peyton Manning.

    Tim Shibuya: I will have to root for my "hometown" team, the Denver Broncos. They were the closest football team to me growing up, so by default, I always rooted for them. We'll go with the Broncos defeating the Panthers 17-14.

    Brian Dinkelman: Going with Denver 24-23. With many people expecting Carolina to win, seems like the opposite happens. Plus, would be a good send off for Peyton.

    Jeff Manship: I'm predicting the Panthers to win. They have shown their dominance all year, so I'm going to go with a score of 34-17. I expect Cam to rise to the occasion and throw for 2 TD's and rush for a TD with over 300 yards passing.

    Ryan Walker: 28-24 Panthers. They've just been so electric. I don't see the Broncos beating them.

    LaMonte Wade: 17-14 panthers. Whichever offense can run the ball effectively will win the game in my opinion. Both defenses secondaries are too good to throw on all game.

    Jared Wilson: I expect to see The Sheriff come out on top and ride off into the sunset after one of the greatest NFL careers the sport has ever seen. He deserves to go out on top. Score: 27-24 Broncos

    Luke Bard: I hope I can get as close as last year! 31-16 Panthers!

    AJ Achter: Panthers 31-20. As much as I'd like Peyton to end his career with a win, he and the Broncos offense are going to have trouble keeping pace with Cam and the Panthers.

    Austin Diemer: Panthers winning 24-17. With two very strong defenses, I think Cam is going to be able to execute more and get the job done.

    Brandon Peterson: I got the Broncos winning 24-20. I think that the Panthers may win, but really hoping the Broncos do so Peyton can go out with a win. Going to be a good game, Broncos D will win it for them.

    Adam Brett Walker: I think the score will be 27-21 Carolina with the win. I think Denver will turn the ball earlier which will lead to a a panthers score. After that they will have control of the game and get the win.

    Bryant Hayman: I think the Broncos are going to take this one 38-35. I think Peyton is going to have a great game, and the defense is going to have a crucial stop late in the game against the Panthers.


    Unofficial Predictions: 26 have picked the Panthers, 21 have picked the Broncos.

    Again, please feel free to make your Super Bowl Predictions in the comments below.

    • Feb 06 2016 02:23 PM
    • by Seth Stohs