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  1. Game Thread: Twins at Tigers, 4/6 12:08PM

    Things to Think About:

    1. Opening Day -- I can't think of another day like it. As a kid... I remember looking forward to Christmas but now I can buy myself a present at any time. As someone who likes food... I look forward to Thanksgiving but I'm usually in a food coma by the time afternoon rolls around so that day ends up being too short. I could look forward to Yom Kippur if I knew exactly what it was. It looks like Opening Day has become my favorite day of the year and the excitement of a new year will last until April 9th at least.

    2. Performance Enhancing Drugs -- Let's get something straight... All drugs are supposed to be performance enhancing... Right? There isn't much sense in taking a drug unless it's enhancing the performance of something. Those Liver Pills are supposed to enhance the performance of your liver. If they don't... you are spending one grand a month for no reason at all. If I could find a drug that helps use less ellipses when typing... I'd take it. Other performance enhancing drugs that my wife thinks I need are: A drug that helps me remember to tell her "Thank you" for picking up my towel off the floor after I shower. Or... Thank you for not killing me in my sleep after it crosses her mind at least once a week. As For Ervin Santana... You need better drugs... Your ERA is all right and it got you a nice contract but if you are going to take a PED... Look at what Bonds and McGwire did with them. Anyway... You got 80 games to do nothing but take more of them... I expect Ervin to be loaded and ready to take the mound like Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf for game 81.

    3. The Youngsters on the Farm -- Opening Day... No Meyer... No Berrios... No Buxton... No Sano... No Rosario... No Gordon... No Stewart. I understand that some of you are upset about this. I also understand that you are probably upset about this every Opening Day. If Kris Bryant has taught us anything... it's this: Major league teams take the issue of service time very seriously and it's something they can't say publicly and something that we all suspect. After all... We've seen players sent down for "more seasoning" or to work on "defense" or whatever and we've all seen those players properly seasoned or the defensive problem fixed or all of sudden tolerated at the same time in June after the service clock says it's OK. I'm pretty sure we will see rookies later in the year just like we do every year. Opening Day... That's for the vets like Tim Stauffer and Blaine Boyer and Mike Cubbage.

    4. The Tigers -- Some say the Tigers are not as strong this year... I don't... I think they are an improved team with Gose in CF and that "To all the girls I've loved before" shortstop. They are adding defense to a potent lineup and a still solid rotation. Thank God... The bullpen will cough up every lead they get this year and the Tigers will finish with a 62-100 record for last place. After all... Improved teams on paper don't always equate to victories. Twins World Series 2015, baby!!!

    5. Easter Sunday Fruit Salad -- I heard my son say once... that tomatoes were his favorite vegetable. I was smart enough to correct him. Explaining that tomatoes are actually a fruit. My wife put me in charge of making the fruit salad for Easter and I wasn't smart enough to "NOT" put tomatoes in the fruit salad. Looks like I've got leftovers to enjoy this week. If you'd like some tomato fruit salad... Let me know... I can send you the recipe or leftovers.

    • Apr 05 2015 08:55 PM
    • by Riverbrian