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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Valencia down earlier than I thought!!!!!!!!!!!

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So I was trying to get ready for softball season today. Hit a ball off of a tee for the first time in about 15 years and it was pretty fun. It was the first time I have smelt spring this year. Yes I live in Duluth, we get summer really late!!! I was thinking about the Twins game wondering what the line was first off. I thought it would be Angels -122, it was -145, lost a little interest, but wanted to watch the game. Unfortunately, (fortunately after knowing the result) the wife of the guy I was playing ball with had things recorded, so we had to wait. Ended up not watching the game at all, caught the very last end of the TV show, Twins Post Game, and saw what made my day, Danny Valencia is optioned to AAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I predicted this would happen, and Luke Hughes would take his place this year, well at least I got 50/50 on this one. This is very overdue in my eyes, as I have been the biggest Valencia hater there is.
I want to mention my thoughts on why this was the time for this. Valencia has been a plague for this team for over a year. He is a pompous ass, he hasn't improved in offense or defense. He is unwilling to learn, has pretty much said FU to the team. This was the best move the Twins could have pulled to do a couple of things, make a statement!!!! 1st, 2nd get some new blood and excitement for this team. One man can be a plague, in this case we have a plague on the offensive time, we have a plague on fluidity in pitching, Liriano moving to the bullpen to get confidence was another great move, right or wrong, if Liriano can get CONFIDENCE, he can be a starter on this team. I believe this is what is going to happen. The rotation is going to get an improvement, the lack of Liriano bringing the confidence down will be huge. Having Liriano learn the bullpen, throwing, rather than aiming is going to give him confidence. I am going to make the homer statement of the year. Next 20 games, Twins 13-7. Unfortunately today was my favorite 2012 Twins moment, besides opening day. Go Twins!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I have to disagree; he has been working really hard at getting better at fielding, but improving your fielding isn't the kind of thing that you work on in the Majors, you work on it in AAA. Valencia just needs to spend some time down in AAA with a different hitting and fielding coach that might see something in his swing and the way he fields that Vavra isn't seeing up in the Bigs.
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