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Boy Are We Lucky

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Made my first trip of the year to Target Field for last night's game. Of course, everyone knows that the Twins lost (again) to the Blue Jays. Further, the game featured a number of soul-sucking moments: everything from a dropped (or more accurately, unfielded) popup barely 15 feet from home to a number of extra bases being taken on sloppy or inattentive fielding to another 'let's get the suspense over early' spotting of several early runs by the Twins designated starting pitcher.

Nonetheless, I had a great time. Not as great as if the Twins would have won, certainly, but a great time nonetheless.

As I mentioned several times during the evening, what a great place to watch a ballgame! And what a perfect night to do it.

I used to travel for work fairly extensively around the US and when the opportunity arose, I'd try to take in a ballgame at the local yard. I'm sure I haven't seen as many stadiums (stadia?) as some of the dedicated baseball travelers who read and comment on this site. But, I got to a good dozen or so ballparks, including a couple of nice minor league facilities. Often, I had little or no rooting interest in the game. I just wanted to get out and see baseball in the elements - particularly because my favorite team played half of its games in an over-sized plastic living room with a blue tarp in right field and a beige tarp for a roof. We might have defended the old 'Dome against outsiders' complaints, but it was truly 'a face only a lover could mother'.

I recall one particularly lovely evening at Royals Stadium (pre-renovation, pre-renaming - it was truly "Royals Stadium" at that point). I don't even remember who was playing (other than the Royals). It was a perfect night for baseball - warm, cool breeze, shirtsleeve weather - and not a cloud in the sky (SKY!!). I remember that I wished that I could go to see my team play in those kinds of conditions. This was during the 'desert' between Kirby's retirement and the resurgence of recent years. So, the Twins weren't much good then, either.

I finally got my wish last night. Wow.

Yeah, it would have been nice if the hometown team would have won, or looked more competitive, or been higher in the standings, or...

But it was beautiful. And even though we will have to wait for better play on the field - the field on which they played (and the facilities surrounding it) made a night at the ballpark a worthwhile pursuit.

So if you're depressed about the 2012 teams, remember it could be worse. We could have to watch this team play in the Metrodome. (Some of us have.)

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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    So true, although there were some epic games in the Metrodome (Game 163 in 2009)
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