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Darkest Before the Dawn

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After reading (and wholeheartedly agreeing) with Nick Nelson's latest post "Dark Days in Minnesota", the title of this entry immediately weasled it's way into the forefront of my brain, wedging its way in-between my (hopefully irrational) fear that the Minnesota legislature is about to screw the pooch all the way to LA, and the YouTube video where Kate Upton does the Cat Daddy (whatever that is). After watching the last seven months or so of Twins regular-season baseball, what keeps me interested is the fact that sometimes crisis does breed opportunity. What my incoherent babbling and overuse of cliche means is that while the Twins are borderline unwatchable, there are some critical events coming up that, if executed properly, can bring the Twins back to relevance in a short period of time (let's say 2014).

June 4 - 2012 MLB Draft

This year's draft is probably the most important the Twins have had in recent memory. With the #2 pick, the Twins need to pick a player, regardless of position, that can move through the Minors quickly and make an impact. This is not the time to draft a "raw" player with five tool potential. Whoever they pick needs to be a cornerstore of the rebuilding effort along with Miguel Sano. Three players that look to fit that bill are college pitchers Kevin Gausman (LSU), Mark Appel (Stanford) and college catcher Mike Zunino (Florida).

July 31 - Non-Waiver Trade Deadline

Bring the kids down for free dogs and balloons, we will not be undersold! It's inventory clearance time at Target Field! We've got capable innings-eating 4th starters, perfect for your pennant chase! We've got a set-up man pretenting to be a closer! We've got leadoff hitting centerfielders! We've even got the body of a power-hitting first baseman and a left-handed starter with minor damage that's perfect for your restoration project! Bring your mlb-ready prospects! No reasonable offer refused!

August 1 - The Future is Now


To: Chris Parmalee, Trever Plouffe, Scott Diamond, Brian Dozier, Ben Revere, Anthony Slama, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Delois Guerra, Cole DeVries, Joe Benson, Jeff Manship, New Guys Acquired Yesterday

From: Terry Ryan, General Manager

You have two months. Let's see what you've got.

6th day after completion of World Series

Terry, I'm glad you enjoyed your first year back at the Pohlad's Scrooge McDuck Money Pool Party. But this year you have an agenda. It's your job to remind the Pohlads that there's a direct correlation between a shrinking payroll, shrinking attendance and shrinking wallets. So unless the Pohlads want to downgrade to one of those plastic turtle-shaped kiddie pools for next year's party, they must invest in at a bare minimum - A #1 or #2 starter, and a 3B with a solid glove and 100 RBI potential.

Opening Day - 2013

Miguel Sano - Welcome to AA, keep up the good work and we'll see you in September.
Kyle Gibson - How's the arm? Give us some good innings in AAA, and we'll see you in June.

2013 MLB Draft

See "2012 MLB Draft". Except now we're picking first.

So while we're in the perverbial abyss right now, there is hope Twins fans. As long as the front office doesn't drop the ball in the next 12 months. Did anyone else feel that chill?


  1. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    That time line makes me feel rather optimistic actually, sure it's a lot to get done, but (barring the Mayan apocalypse) there's always next year.
  2. ScottyB's Avatar
    Since we're looking to rebuild for 2014 - I figure we should suck in 2013 as well. So here's to consecutive years of #2 choice, #1 choice and #1 choice in the drafts. Maybe if we're smart we can do what The Rays and the Nats did with their long periods of picking at the top and become perennial contenders. The Twins need to start drafting #1 and ace pitchers instead of 3's, 4's and 5's. How about some decent scouting and forget about pitch to contact guys for good.
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