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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Change needs to happen. Rant about MN Politics and the MN Vikings

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I saw the disgust on Gardy's face when pulling Hendriks in the 3rd inning. I too was disgusted, had to change the channel. I actually told my wife I felt bad for Gardy. I would feel bad in the situation he is in, when his hands are tied. What do you do, you have to make the trek out there before the 6th inning every game as your team is not in any game. I went through the bad times for the Twins, but the thing is I expected losses, they were underdogs, but yet they fought tooth and nail to try and win games. We have veterans on this team, veterans that know they have a job in the Major Leagues and whatever the team does, they will still be playing if here or somewhere else. In the glum years the players fought to stay up, and was quite fun to watch them earn their way on the team. Honestly this team really is done, they know the starting pitching is soooo bad that they can't keep up, no matter what offense you put out there. You would think that in early May being 6 games out of first place, you still have some hope, but when you are 6-17 and have the absolute worst pitching staff I have ever seen, you know you are in for problems, and lots of them. I love Twins Daily, I am on here quite often just reading takes of some of the other fans, it is great. I think we are running out of topics, as I am. We are stuck talking about Drew Butera. Yes, that is the biggest hits on the forum. Clete Thomas, Drew Butera, Brandon Inge, and Sean Burroughs are the topics. Yes, Morneau was a scare, he will be back Friday.

It is unfortunate that it has come to firing Gardy!!! I know he is going to get the brunt end of this teams misfortunes. I think it is inevitable. This is going to be a real long season if there isn't a change. Teams are just feeding off of the fact they get to face this rotation. I have to say right now I can't watch! That is rare for me not to watch baseball, let alone watch my favorite team. At this point do you think the Twins are going to make any sort of comeback? Realistically, the optimist would say, hey get done with the first 35 games, if we are within 7 games, lets see if we can play the weak central competitively, right? I would hope that is the case, I am guessing we would sink lower and lower into the abyss of MLB due to a rotation that isn't going to get any better. It has come to the point where in order to appease the fans, we may have to revamp the whole thing. I get used to "Twins" baseball, but that has been eliminated since leaving the Dome. Something new for me as a Twins fan would seeing an entire new style. TK, to Gardy is all I have seen and been used to. I am guessing we will be seeing the new "Twins" baseball here sooner than later. The over/under in games Gardy gets thrown out of is 1 more in a Twins uniform in my opinion.

I know this is a Twins blog, but I can write whatever I want, it is my blog. I have to say I have season tickets to the Minnesota Vikings. The NFL is the most profitable league in the US. The Minnesota Vikings is the 16th highest market in the league, out of 32 teams. We are right in the middle and would be a very profitable team for the NFL with a stadium. Obviously sports fans want/need a stadium. Hell the Gophers got a stadium. Problem is that it is an election year. (Has anybody seen the Wire?) Politicians are gross!!!!!!!!!!! I may catch hell for this statement but I don't care. I don't vote!! I would vote if I seen someone worthy of making decisions that were favorable to me, or my family, I am selfish. In my mind the only reason we don't have a stadium resolotion for an NFL, yes NFL team is because this is a stupid election year, and the legislature and politicians need to delay how the decisions are going to go, or delay the inevitable, because they need to see how voters would vote on certain deals. WE VOTED YOU IN MAKE A F'N DECISION THAT IS BEST FOR THE CITY/STATE, NOT WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE GOING TO GET VOTED IN AGAIN BASED OFF OF A DECISION YOU SELFISH PRICKS!!! I can be selfish, I am not in office, if you are in office you make decisions that is right. First off, if there were decisions that are going to be made whether or not to have an NFL team here MAKE THE DECISION. I am a fan of getting a stadium, most people in my world are as well, and I understand the people that don't want to pay the money for it, due to the fact they aren't into sports I get that. What is the most watched product, yes NFL. I am not a religious person as well, great give me crap for that I don't care once again, but I would have another way to create money to help fund a stadium. SELL LIQUOR ON SUNDAYS ADD A SMALL TAX!! Put freaking slot machines at Canterbury and Running Aces. Let me tell you every person has a choice of putting money in a slot machine at Mystic, I can put 1 to probably a million dollars or more in a slot machine, why are you going to limit the opportunity to put money in a machine at canterbury or running aces. I live in Duluth, I can go to the holiday right now and probably buy 10 grand worth of powerballs tomorrow, along with 10 grand worth of lottery tickets, I can go down the street to Fon Du Luth Casino, do the same in the slots or black jack, hell I can go over the bridge to superior and play as much slots as I want in any bar. These are the things I can't do, I can't buy liquor on Sundays, (WTF?) Nope no alcohol sales on Sundays, I can go over the bridge, thank you Superior, WI for selling my 31 year old ass liquor on Sundays. I can't play poker online for real money, even though I can put money in an online account and play slots. You will sell me cigarettes that kill thousands a year, but you won't sell me marijuana. I GUARANTEE I CAN FIND WAYS TO FUND AN NFL STADIUM THAT ISN'T GOING TO KILL ANYBODY, IF SOMETHING WERE TO HAPPEN IN ANY OF THOSE SCENARIOS IT WAS FROM A CHOICE THEY MADE. I am soooooooooooooooo sick of politics/politicians. P.S. I love living here, we have a lot of freedoms, but some of these things are really ridiculous. That is the end of my rant.

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  1. jm3319's Avatar
    i stopped reading after you said "I SEEN the disgust on Gardy's face..." seen? really?
  2. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Wow, sorry for the horrible grammar I will make sure to change that. Didn't know it was a grammar test on my own blog.
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