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I have long been a steadfast Gardenhire supporter. He has been a very good to great manager during his tenure. I realize a lot of fans are calling for his dismissal because of the last year of Twins baseball and some having been wanting his head on a platter for a much longer period of time. At this juncture, I now agree it is time for a change in coaching and managerial leadership.

Ron Gardenhire:
  • Gardy has lost his voice: No matter how hot around the collar or critical Gardy is about the play of his team, they do not seem to respond to his heated calls. Bad at bats, lapses of judgement in the field and non-execution of a strategic plan by the pitchers all fall on his head. (although it is impossible to blame him for the pitching as it is the worst in Twins History)

His Staff:

Rick Anderson:
  • Rick has done a nice job in his tenure, but his advice and expertise are not paying off anymore. Maybe Liriano is his undoing, but whatever it is, it does not work here anymore. I commend him for his work with helping to develop Santana into the best starter in the AL and turning Nathan into one of the best closers of the late 2000's. That is now ancient history.

Joe Vavra:
  • This guy has over seen a few impressive offensive showings in his 6+ years as our hitting coach. Ranging from Mauer-Morneau-T. Hunt-Cuddyer-Span-Kubel. It should not be lost that these players have tremendous upside and it can be easy to coach very good talent. It is the stragglers that have brought concern to me (Valencia, Plouffe, Hughes, etc...). Vavra is a good hitting coach, but a change is needed.

Weirdo Ullger:
  • Scotty is a strange cat and I have to the utmost degree enjoyed his Q&A sessions as the manager after Gardy has been ejected or is on a leave of absence. What I have gathered he is most suited as a career AAA manager.

Steve Liddle:
  • Don't know to much, but he is a mediocre 3B coach and I cannot believe he is a very good bench coach

Jerry White:
  • Jerry has done a good job with the outfielders for the most part. He is in my opinion the guy that least deserves to lose his job. Maybe there is a scenario in which he stays,

Final Analysis: I believe there needs to be a shake up. If it is to happen it will not happen until this upcoming offseason. Our only certain in-house candidate for a coaching hire is Brunansky as hitting coach. I would consider Ryne Sandberg or Tim Wallach as managerial candidates. I had good times as a MN Twins fan with the above mentioned Twins staff, but with it being how it is, being it Bill Smith's, Terry Ryan's or ownerships fault. A change of voice is needed and a change of culture is necessary to maybe reinvigorate some players or to have a completely new schematic change - hitting and pitching wise.
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